BETBY, an innovative sports betting provider, has added Formula 1 to its extensive product portfolio.

The inclusion of the premier motorsport competition will see over 20 new betting markets added to the company’s offering, with the product going live ahead of the upcoming French Grand Prix, with the race taking place on Sunday 24 July.

Formula 1 continues to experience a massive surge in popularity, with a growth of 56% in 2021 alone, as it reaps the rewards of close partnerships with Netflix and its global expansion.

It comes as BETBY continues to expand its presence with operators around the world as it maintains its strong commercial momentum.

Leonid Pertsovskiy, CEO of BETBY, said: “Formula 1 has been experiencing an incredible boom in popularity, and we are seeing more and more casual spectators looking to further deepen their involvement with the sport.

“Because it’s such a data-centric sport, it marries our love of data and metrics as well, and we think it’s a perfect addition to our sports portfolio. We have an exciting roadmap of products and markets ahead, and we’re looking forward to seeing how fans respond to our Formula 1 offer”.


Betby is a B2B sports betting provider focused on innovation through deep industry knowledge, state-of-the-art software, easy-to-use customizations and modern technologies including ML & AI algorithms.

Since launching in 2018, the company’s solutions and product lines have grown vastly, allowing brand partners to thrive with access to hundreds of thousands of betting markets and sporting events around the world.

The betting brand has a great growth project for the coming years, seeking to become one of the largest betting providers in the iGaming industry.