With the arrival of Galera.bet, Brasileirão adds seven sponsors in World Cup year
Photo: Publicity / CBF

The World Cup will only take place at the end of 2022, but the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) has already noticed that this moment is relevant to enhance its championships. After reaching the expressive mark of 110% in the sponsorship growth of the Brazilian team, the institution announced new partnerships for the Brazilian Championship.

The bookmaker Galera.bet recently joined the group of supporters of the main professional football competition in the country, allowing the Brasileirão to reach seven official sponsors. According to the Terra portal, some brands are present in the competition in other ways, with insertions on advertising boards, online actions and punctual activations.

According to Bruno Maia, specialist in innovation in sports, CEO of Feel The Match and author of the book Inovação é o Novo Marketing, in addition to the interest boosted by the Qatar World Cup, recent years also indicate a growth trend in the amounts invested in national football.

“The World Cup itself brings a natural increase in companies’ interest in sponsoring football-related events. In any case, the growth in sponsorship values ​​in recent years is noticeable. In the Brazilian Championship and in national football as a whole,” he told Terra.

Galera.bet bet on the ‘Brazilianness’ factor by closing a three-year deal

Another factor valued by companies linked to the Brazilian Championship is the opportunity to show ‘Brazilianness’, something that results in identification with the public, especially in a season where the quest to win the sixth championship will return with force.

This was the line adopted by Galera.bet, which, upon closing its agreement with Brasileiro for the next three years, made a point of highlighting the connection between Brazilian football and the company.

“Galera.bet is a brand created exclusively for the Brazilian market. No wonder we wear the colors of Brazil. Therefore, we are very happy to now be part of the Brazilian Championship. The Brasileirão Assaí talks a lot about Brazilians, their passion, their rituals and also about our company,” said Asher Yonaci, CEO of the sports betting site.

Reach of the Brazilian Championship on social networks

In social media, the Brazilian also has repercussions and generates engagement with more than 2.8 million followers on Instagram, around 1 million on Twitter and 250,000 on Facebook. Compared to all Brazilian teams, the championship profile on Instagram is surpassed only by Flamengo, Corinthians, São Paulo and Palmeiras.

Adding the four main social networks, the Brasileirão is the eighth largest sports league/entity on the planet, behind only other giants in the segment, Premier League (683 million), LaLiga (653 million), NFL (268 million), Italian Serie A (205 million) and NBA (178 million).