Nowadays it is common to see websites and bookmakers present at sports events, either at the event venues or even on the teams’ jerseys. This makes it practically impossible to follow a sport without missing all the advertising and offers from sports betting brands seeking to win over Brazilian fans.

In 2019, with the approval of law number 13,756, by the then President of the Republic Michel Temer, the regulation of the fixed-odds betting segment in Brazil was a major milestone for betting.

Since that moment, major betting brands in the world have seen a great opening in the promising Brazilian market. After all, Brazil has millions of football fans, being one of the biggest audiences for the sport around the world.

After the arrival of these companies and websites, interest in betting reached thousands of Brazilians in a very short time. The intention of the vast majority of curious people is clear, to get some profit from the practice of sports betting on the internet and to entertain themselves even more with their favorite sport.

“What we have seen recently is a very significant growth in demand for content related to sports betting. The search for betting bonuses, guides on how to bet, reviews of betting sites, and even betting recommendations has been growing a lot in Brazil.” said Felipe Pereira, expert editor of the BônusdeApostas website.

Another way of looking at sports betting is the question of being able to consider it as a financial investment, where many Brazilian bettors have already started to venture into the segment in a very professional way. The so-called ‘sports traders’ are gamblers specialized in making financial contributions and exchanges on major sports exchanges.

“The big difference between a sports trader and a regular bettor is that traders operate in the various betting exchange markets against each other. The sports trading exchange only keeps a margin of the profit made by the bettor,” explained the expert.

Sports betting and its odds

Online betting works in a conventional way, where the customer always bets against the “house”. For example: the probability defined by a betting site for Brazil to win the Qatar World Cup is 5.0. Whoever bets 100 reais on this odds and gets it right, receives 500 reais.

If Brazil does not win the Cup, the bookmaker will keep the 100 reais. It is worth noting that the odds may change and are open for contributions of any amount until the event really starts.

The most important thing to practice the modality is to have patience and caution to be successful. The ideal, as in other types of investments, is to study and understand the possibilities before making a contribution.

It is necessary to analyze the trends of the teams that will play, compare odds on different sites and understand the dynamics of betting. Such practices are part of the daily life of those who take the activity seriously. In fact, knowledge about sports often takes a back seat.