SP government suspends football matches and Paulistão may be paralyzed

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SP government suspends football matches and Paulistão may be paralyzed
Governor João Dória suspended football matches in the State

The government of the State of São Paulo decided to temporarily suspend sporting events. Paulistão 2021 is in danger of being paralyzed from next Monday, 15. The teams and the Paulista Football Federation (FPF) sought to change this determination, only that Governor João Doria chose to keep the measure.

The interruption of the games, initially, should extend until the 30th of March. The standard was taken in one of the most complicated moments of the pandemic in the state. João Doria, however, indicated that the situation can be changed and that negotiations with the Federation continue.

“We will continue a good dialogue with the Federation of São Paulo, President Reinaldo Carneiro Bastos is a person of exceptional dialogue, constructive in his approaches and supports his considerations by a committee that advises him and we recognize this. That is why it is a constructive dialogue that does not end with today’s decisions. We will continue to dialogue with the Federation of São Paulo and its president, who has my esteem and my respect ”, he said.

Federation tries to keep Paulistão games

The Federation of São Paulo will participate in a meeting between representatives of the government and the Public Ministry this Monday, in order to end the ban on football matches in this period. The FPF will present a detailed schedule of matches. There is already fear that this suspension could go beyond the initial 15-day period.

In a meeting held on Thursday, 12, the São Paulo entity communicated to the clubs that some state federations have made themselves available to receive the games from Paulistão. However, this alternative is seen as “extreme” due to the high costs and the logistical problems for the displacement of all clubs.

In this same conversation between FPF and teams, the doubt hung over whether or not to continue training. This is because national and international competitions will follow normally. “The Government of the State of São Paulo informs that professional training is released during the emergency phase”, the state government clarified in a statement.

The Federation also pointed out that it respects a protocol that covers the constant testing of players and technical commissions. In response, the Member of the Covid-19 Contingency Center, José Medina considered that other segments will also be impacted by the new restrictions.

“With regard to football, we are attending to a letter from the Public Ministry. The Public Prosecutor’s Office recommended this measure, this was beyond our purview, we are following the recommendation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, ”said Medina.

The stoppage of the games can further compromise the finances of clubs that have been out of the box office for a year, as well as impacting the sports betting market. Last year, Paulistão was interrupted in mid-March and resumed only on the day at the end of July.

National or international commitments must be fulfilled outside São Paulo

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) has already warned that matches that cannot be played in São Paulo must take place in another state. Something similar to what Conmebol stipulates on Libertadores or South American commitments that cannot happen due to government restrictions.