Paraguay Games Council raises more than US$10 million in the first half
Photo: FreePik

The National Gaming Council of Paraguay (Conajzar), the gaming regulatory body in the country, reported that it raised 69.404 million guaraníes, about US$10.1 million, in the first half of 2022, as a result of the different activities in the segment.

In its report, published by the Paraguayan media 5Días, the entity detailed that the pool game contributed with 48,848 million guaranis, about US$ 7.1 million, which represents 70.4% of the total value.

Meanwhile, the casinos contributed 6,808 million guaranis (US$ 990,000), which corresponds to 9.8% of the total; and sports betting, 5,442 million guaranis (US$ 791 thousand), 7.8%. Telebingos raised 4,244 million guaranis (US$ 617 thousand), 6.1%, and online games, 1,556 million guaranis (US$ 226 thousand), reaching 2.2% of the total.

Paraguay Gaming Market Performance

As for the monthly distribution of what was collected, Conajzar indicated that, in January, it obtained 11,795 million guaraníes (US$ 1.71 million); in February, 11,257 million (US$ 1.63 million); in March, 11,249 million (US$ 1.63 million); in April, 11,879 million (US$ 1.72 million); in May 11,584 (US$ 1.68 million); and in June, 11,637 million (US$ 1.69 million).

Conajzar announced that the amount collected in 2022 represented a growth of 9.7% compared to 2019, when 63,228 million guaranis (US$ 9.2 million) were obtained and that was the year before the pandemic.

Judicial process

It should be noted that the Paraguayan Judiciary decided to suspend the preliminary hearing in which the imposition of restrictive measures against José Antonio Ortiz Báez, former director of Conajzar, and others implicated in alleged irregularities in the gaming exploitation sentences would be evaluated.

In part of the indictment, the Public Ministry maintains that those involved would have favored the company TDP in the context of the signing of the concession contract for the exploitation of the Quiniela game. In addition, the company “failed to comply with the relevant obligations” and did not inform Conajzar about undelivered prizes or the payment of the corresponding taxes.

“The representatives of the company TDP SA falsely declared that they did not owe any taxes to the State, nor did they have any outstanding obligations with Conajzar. In the same way, the members of CONAJZAR unduly favored the company TDP SA for the award and signing of the contract […] for the exploitation of Quiniela”, points out the Public Prosecutor’s Office.