5 erros de estratégia de marketing para o mercado de jogos

If you are a gaming operator looking to succeed in Brazil, you certainly have a lot of questions about how to develop the best marketing strategies for gambling and betting.

We all know that there is no ready-made and perfect recipe for success in the marketing area. However, without a doubt, there are some mistakes that can be easily avoided and will help your gambling and betting site to be successful in the Brazilian market.

If you were looking for well-targeted content to help you with marketing, here it is. In this article, we brought together the two greatest specialists in the gaming marketing segment, sharing their experiences and showing the main mistakes made by bookmakers”: Control+F5, represented by its partner Natália Nogues and iGaming Media represented by its partner, Flávio Figueiredo.

Know what these errors are. So, when you hire a marketing agency, you will have a really positive experience.

Expect immediate marketing results

Often, the world of marketing is so fascinating that it makes it seem like strategies pay off very quickly. But, if any digital marketing agency promises you immediate results, it’s better to run away from it!

Currently, there are a multitude of ways to do marketing, especially on the Internet. Some require more investment, others need more time. The best way is to plan well and find out within a reasonable time what works and what doesn’t for each case. Nowadays, the gaming audience is increasingly segmented and diversified.

New customer niches emerge every day. For example, the soccer bettor often has a different profile than the person who decides to bet on Big Brother. All this will influence the way to approach the target audience in each strategy.

Not waiting for strategies to mature

Is there an average time for a marketing action to work? Yes. We can estimate an investment of 3 to 6 months to start evaluating results and choose the actions that perform best in each case.

For example, the so-called sponsored links are a type of resource that allows you to advertise, measure website traffic and know the percentage of sales conversion. Tracking the number of clicks is something that can be done a few hours after the ad goes live. However, conversions can happen over months.

For example, the so-called sponsored links are a type of resource that allows you to advertise, measure website traffic and know the percentage of sales conversion. Tracking the number of clicks is something that can be done a few hours after the ad goes live. However, conversions can happen over months.

Not planning funds for a period of 6 months

For a gambling company to obtain positive marketing results, it is necessary to plan a budget for an average period of 6 months.

Of course, your business doesn’t need to make a huge investment to see the returns come in. Digital marketing exists precisely because it allows smaller amounts to be used, across multiple channels, with significant results. When marketing was done only offline, on TV, magazines, newspapers and radio, few companies were able to invest in advertising.

“Digital marketing agencies exist because they work with much lower values ​​and achieve a lot of visibility, as audiences on the Internet are much more segmented and relevant than in mass media”, explains Natália Nogues.

Not knowing the difference between paid traffic and organic traffic

When the customer seeks to get more flow of people visiting their website, we have two main options: paid and organic traffic.

Organic traffic is traffic that occurs naturally and spontaneously, according to the site’s ranking in Google’s ranking.

The investment in this modality is lower. However, the results take longer to appear. It is necessary to develop an SEO strategy, so that the site appears better ranked in search engines. In SEO, numerous actions are included, including the creation of backlinks.

It is directly linked to the ranking of search engines (like Google, for example). Strategically positioned within the text, they have the function of “taking the reader” to your blog or website.

Understanding your audience is critical when choosing the right keywords for your business. Backlinks will be responsible for improving the authority of your website, which means that search engines will see your website as an expert in the business and will recommend you more often in an organic search, causing your website to attract more visits, which can be converted in future customers.

In the specific case of bookmakers, this is a key strategy for companies that are arriving in Brazil and looking for visibility in an unknown country.

For Flávio Figueiredo, CEO of iGaming Media (digital marketing agency specializing in betting sites) companies should pay more attention to this type of service, taking into account some aspects.

“In a continental country like Brazil, with different traditions, dialects and cultures, if a foreign company does not look for a Brazilian agency, specialized in the national market, it will face problems”.

“The main reason for working with backlinks is to make the portal appear, or even make it exist in search engines. Many bookmakers simply do not appear in search engines and prioritize other strategies, not realizing that their client/player is on search portals, looking for a site to bet on”, he concluded.

An important factor to be analyzed is that, although essential for any online project, SEO does not present immediate results. Competition within keywords is increasing more and more and this requires more care and work. Typically, for Google (or other search engine) “bots” to find, index and refer to your page, it can take months.

For this reason, this type of work is even more important on new domain sites. In this way, it can help your site to be discovered and indexed faster, generating traffic, profitability and player.

It is also important that the site contains a blog, so that content strategies are better developed.

Some tools help to measure organic traffic, such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google My Business and others.

Paid or sponsored traffic refers to hits by users who came to the site through display purchases. Some paid traffic tools are Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads and Youtube Ads.

Sponsored traffic usually brings faster returns since this content is only driven to the target audience.

Therefore, it is critical to understand how each type of traffic growth strategy works and what to expect from each.

Not understanding how creative work functions

Inside a marketing agency, a constant work of creating strategies is done. Creating is hard work and one that is in constant development, as it depends on the feedback of each audience.

“The advantage of digital marketing is that it allows for quick changes in direction when a creative strategy is not working. Accompanying the maturation of a creative strategy is essential for marketing to obtain good results”, concludes Natália Nogues.