Imagem: AEN / Ricardo Ribeiro

Lottopar made history by granting the first concession of a state lottery on the Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3), in São Paulo, last Monday (25).

This pioneering initiative signals the beginning of the concession of the instant lottery modality in Paraná, popularly known as “scratch card”.

This is a type of game in which the result is immediate. The bettor knows whether or not the ticket is a winner by scratching the hidden fields where combinations of numbers, symbols or characters that determine the prizes are engraved.

Tickets may be physical and/or virtual.

The company chosen to operate this revolutionary system is, which, after signing the contract, disbursed a fixed grant of R$15 million.

Lottopar makes history with concession valid for a decade

The concession is valid for ten years, extendable for the same period and with a maximum limit of 20 years. It is a milestone not only for Lottopar, but also for B3.

This is because it is the first time that a lottery concession has been held on the Stock Exchange, consolidating a significant advance in the structuring of Lottopar.

Lottopar CEO Daniel Romanowski said: “It is a historic day for both Lottopar and B3. It is the first instant lottery concession and also the first lottery concession held on the Stock Exchange

It is another important step in the structuring of Lottopar. We have already done the accreditation and fixed-odd betting is already in operation, we have hit the nail on the head with the granting of the instant modality and we will soon launch the prediction and passive modality.”


Therefore, to guarantee the safety and transparency of lottery operations in Paraná, Lottopar continues to seek accreditation of testing and certification laboratories.

Currently, four laboratories are already accredited: Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), BMM Spain Test Labs, Gaming Associates Europe and eCOGRA.

These labs play a crucial role in verifying that lottery and sports betting services are fair, safe and fraud-free. This is a requirement of regulatory authorities and international standards.

Diversification of modalities

Therefore, in addition to the instant lottery, Lottopar is also prepared to grant and monitor other types of betting, such as:

  • Numerical prediction lottery
  • Sports predictions
  • Specific prognosis

The notice for these modalities is now open. Thus, the resources coming from the grant from operating companies, royalties and the variable grant will be directed to essential areas, such as:

  • Housing
  • Public security
  • State social programs

This initiative not only boosts the betting sector, but also contributes to the social and economic development of Paraná.