Imagem: LOTTOPAR / Richard Chasko

Employees from Lottopar’s operations department recently participated in training on Safe Gaming and Responsible Gaming.

The objective was to train servers to guarantee the integrity of games and the security of information systems, in addition to promoting social responsibility.

Lottopar is known for its commitment to safe gaming

During the training, topics such as the certification of games and gaming systems, the security of information systems and joint work with companies that investigate the integrity of sporting events were covered.

These themes are fundamental to the governance of operators, as they help to maintain principles of excellence, such as ethics, transparency and accountability.

Fabio Veiga, operations director at Lottopar, highlighted the importance of qualifying employees to carry out planned actions related to the responsibility and security of the lottery market.

He highlighted that it is essential to have good knowledge on the subject to provide assistance to people from Paraná who seek out Lottopar.

Therefore, Lottopar stands out for its excellence and commitment to Responsible Gaming. The state lottery was the first to be associated with:

  • Ibero-American Lottery and Betting Corporation (CIBELAE)
  • World Lottery Association (WLA)

So, these two associations are the largest lottery associations in the world and global authorities on responsible gambling.

Thus, these cooperations allow Lottopar to share knowledge and experiences with other state lotteries, strengthening ties and promoting responsible practices in the sector.

In this way, membership of the WLA is an important milestone, as the entity is considered a global authority in the sector, defending the highest ethical principles in the gaming industry.

Therefore, joining CIBELAE represents a big step towards several actions such as:

  • The exchange of information and technologies
  • Strengthen preventive actions against money laundering
  • Combating fraud and gambling addiction
  • Valuing Responsible Gaming