A nova Raspadinha mineira pode pagar até R$ 250 mil

The new Minas Gerais Scratchcard has been sold in the state of Minas Gerais since November 23rd.

With the publication of LEMG Ordinance nº 021/2023, Loteria Mineira made official the process of implementing the pilot project for the commercialization of the game.

The most diverse establishments will have game plans for the new Scratch Card.

Therefore, for fans of games of chance, to have a little fun, the Scratch Card is another option in Minas.

According to the CMSL Group (Consórcio Mineira da Sorte Loteria), winner of the international public competition to operate the service, there are four ticket options available.

State lottery scratch card

“The player can select according to their color preferences, themes, prizes and even the cost, as it is possible to buy Scratchcards for R$2, R$5 or R$10.

The note explains: “Being awarded, the buyer can receive the amount instantly upon validating the card.”

Still depending on the group, the chances of winning are also higher, statistically, with 25% of the tickets printed will be awarded.

“In other words, the overall odds are 100,000 prizes out of 400,000 tickets.”

Therefore, the year 2023 marks the centenary of the Minas Gerais State Lottery (LEMG).

Also the return of one of its biggest successes in a new operation and format: RASPADINHA®.

About Loteria Mineira

The history of Loteria Mineira begins in 1923, with the beginning of operations of Companhia Loteria de Minas Gerais.

She was the winner of the public competition published in the Minas Gerais newspaper the previous year.

In other words, the draws took place using crystal globes, powered by electricity and with completely numbered balls.