Lotofácil prize of R 6.3 million will be divided into four bets
Lotofácil prize of R 6.3 million will be divided into four bets

Lotofácil, contest 2860, was drawn yesterday (11) in São Paulo, and four single bets were the winners. The following numbers were drawn: 01-02-03-04-05-08-09-12-13-14-15-16-18-20-21.

The winning bets come from São Paulo – SP (electronic channels), São Carlos – SP (Lotérica Já Lucrei), Itanhaém – SP (Lucky Talisman) and one from Rio de Janeiro – RJ (Loterias Rio do A Ltda).

Each one will receive a prize of R$ 1,586,609.04, totaling R$ 6,346,436.16. In addition, another 360 bets hit 14 numbers and will receive BRL 1,835.61 each. There were also winners with 13 (16,014), 12 (175,773) and 11 numbers (1,033,908).

How to participate in the next Lotofácil draw?

You can place your bet on Lotofácil up to one hour before the draw, both at accredited lottery shops and on the official Caixa website. This means you can register your game until 7pm on the day of the draw. You are offered 25 numbers to choose from, and bets can be placed by selecting from 15 to 20 numbers.

Currently, the minimum bet amount is R$3, while the most expensive bet can reach more than R$46,500. In addition, you have the option of using the “Little Surprise”, in which the system chooses the numbers for you.

What are the chances of winning the prize?

When making the minimum bet of BRL 3, selecting 15 tens, the probability of hitting all of them is approximately one in 3.3 million. If you choose to add another ten, the value of the bet increases to BRL 48, but the odds increase significantly, becoming around one in 204 thousand.

Those who bet on 20 numbers have a winning probability of approximately one in 211. In addition to the maximum prize, Lotofácil also offers prizes for those who match 14, 13, 12 and 11 points. With the minimum bet, the chance of winning at least the €5 prize is about one in 11.