Project foresees the creation of LotoCG, municipal lottery of Campo Grande
Photo Pixabay

The city of Campo Grande, in Mato do Grosso do Sul, can win its own lottery. Called ‘LotoCG’, the new type of lottery game is part of the bill nº 10.772/22, which is already in the City Council.

According to the project, the exploitation of the public lottery service in the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul will be allowed under any category authorized in the legislation in force in Brazil. The new service will be operated by the Municipal Finance and Planning Department.

“Only a legal entity that is regularly constituted according to the Brazilian laws in force can be accredited for the exploitation of lottery modalities of LotoCG”, says the text of the bill.

The proposal establishes that the amounts collected from the bets will be transferred to four sectors. According to the MidiaMax website, the areas to benefit will be: health, social assistance and human rights; public policy projects for social housing; payment of prizes, coverage of lottery maintenance and operation costs and accessibility and inclusion actions for people with disabilities or the elderly.

It is worth noting that prizes that are not claimed within the three-month period will be used in Municipal Housing Fund (FundHab) projects. According to the author of the project, councilor Delei Pinheiro, the intention is that “the municipal lottery pays itself and is still able to finance social, housing and health programs aimed at the population of Campo Grande”.

STF decision authorized the creation of state and municipal lotteries

In 2020, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) determined that the operation of the lottery service is not a monopoly of the Union, allowing state and municipal governments to relaunch or create their own lotteries.

From there, several states and municipalities are mobilizing to structure projects to have their own lottery games to increase the collection of public coffers, as is the case of Campo Grande.