Lotofácil da Independência will have a record prize pool of R 180 million
Photo: Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil

Caixa Econômica Federal started betting on the special contest (2,610) of Lotofácil da Independência last Saturday, 27th. The draw will be held on September 10, at 8 pm (Brasília time), in São Paulo, and has an estimated prize of R$ 180 million.

According to Agência Brasil, it is the highest paid prize in the history of Lotofácil. Remembering that the value does not accumulate because it is a special contest, such as Mega da Virada, Quina de São João and Easter Dupla-Sena. If no one wins the prize in the main range of 15 hits, the amount passes to whoever scores 14 points and so on.

The Lotofácil single bet can be made for R$ 2.50, and the player must select from 15 to 20 numbers among the 25 available on the wheel. From now on, any bet placed for Lotofácil – it no longer needs to be on the specific Independência wheel – will participate in the special draw.

If any player hits the 15 points alone, he can buy 19 lamborghini’s Aventador, worth R$8.2 million each, six luxury mansions equal to that of football player Neymar in Mangaratiba (RJ) or nine Azimut 74 yachts.

Odds of winning the Lotofácil da Independência

Last year, 57 bets guessed the 15 tens, sharing a record prize of BRL 159.1 million – the biggest prize in the history of Lotofácil da Independência drawn so far.

In addition, the probability of someone with a single bet of R$2.50 from Lotofácil hitting the 15 tens is 1 in 3,268,760. With 20 numbers, the probability rises considerably to 1 in 211, but in this case the ticket costs BRL 38,000.

Below is a comparison of the odds:

  • 15 numbers – BRL 2.50 – 1 chance in 3,268,760;
  • 16 numbers – BRL 40.00 – 1 chance in 204,298;
  • 17 numbers – R$ 340.00 – 1 chance in 24,035;
  • 18 numbers – R$ 2,040.00 1 chance in 4,006;
  • 19 numbers – R$ 9,690.00 – 1 chance in 843;
  • 20 numbers – R$ 38,760.00 – 1 chance in 211.