São Paulo lottery operation will have a model based on exclusivity

During the 28th Ordinary Joint Meeting of the Board of Directors of the State Privatization Program and of the Management Board of the State Program for Public-Private Partnerships, held in December last year, the chairman of the Management Board for Public-Private Partnerships (CGPPP), Rodrigo Garcia, presented the progress of the preliminary modeling of the Loteria Paulista concession proposal.

Garcia’s record took into account eleven reports sent by authorized private sector companies. The Technical Advisor of the Undersecretariat of Partnerships, Arthur Abdallah Mundim, explained the intention of the concession to carry out the service related to Loteria Paulista and stressed that the state will be able to explore the categories of games in accordance with Law nº 13.756/2018.

According to this regulation, the list of permitted modalities is as follows: Numerical Predictions, Federal Lottery, Specific Prediction, Sports Prediction, Instant Lottery and Fixed Odds Betting or sports betting.

During his explanation, Mundim argued that the basis of the model for the project is based on exclusivity as it is the most appropriate, with lottery games being awarded in a single lot. The event also featured the presentation of the schedule related to the next steps of the lottery project in the state of São Paulo.

The president of the CGPPP, Rodrigo Garcia, forwarded the proposal for analysis by the councilors, who unanimously decided to adopt the preliminary design of the project, and allow the holding of the hearing and public consultation phases of the draft notice, contract and other annexes.

Public hearing to present Loteria Paulista concession model

The next step for the progress of the Loteria Paulista process is already scheduled. The Secretariat of Budget and Management of the State of São Paulo will promote a public hearing on January 31, to present the public service concession project of the state lottery.

The project will address the following issues: fixed odds lottery, specific odds lottery, sports lottery, numerical prediction lottery, instant lottery and passive lottery modalities, including the development of lottery products, making the necessary investments and provision of public lottery services.

The meeting will take place in virtual format and will be broadcast live on the Youtube channel of the Undersecretary of Associations of the State of São Paulo.