The Secretary of Budget and Management of the State of São Paulo will hold a public hearing on January 31 to present the public service concession project for the operation of Loteria Paulista.

The project will address the following issues: fixed odds lottery, specific odds lottery, sports lottery, numerical prediction lottery, instant lottery and passive lottery modalities, including the development of lottery products, making the necessary investments and provision of public lottery services.

The hearing will be held in a virtual environment, in view of the recommendations and precautions to control and combat the COVID-19 pandemic, and in accordance with the indications of the Government of the State of São Paulo.

The session will be broadcast openly on the YouTube channel of the Undersecretary of Associations of the State of São Paulo. The beginning of the broadcast will also be published on the Linkedin profile of the Undersecretary of Partnerships of the State of São Paulo.

Hearing will be open to the public

The meeting will be open to any interested party, and its objective is to present and obtain subsidies and additional information to improve the modeling of the Project.

Those interested in participating must follow the rules published on the website of the Secretary of State for Budget and Management and/or on the Partnerships platform.

Participation with the possibility of oral manifestation in the virtual environment will only be possible once, and for a certain period of time. In addition, interested parties may attend the hearing and submit questions in writing through an electronic form without prior registration.

On the day of the meeting, the identification of all participants who register and effectively access the virtual environment will be registered.

Interested parties must pre-register before January 27. Those interested in signing up will receive a link to the participation platform via email in due course. This link will be linked to the email address by which the applicant requested registration, and the same email must be used by the applicant to access the virtual platform.

It is recommended that those interested in participating with oral statements take the necessary steps to install the Microsoft Teams platform that will be used to participate in the Public Hearing.

Contributions and questions about Loteria Paulista will be read during the meeting

To submit written contributions and/or questions about Loteria Paulista, interested parties must fill out a form, which will be available for submission of contributions until 11:59 pm on February 1st. Oral and written presentations relevant to the project may be considered by the Public Hearing Steering Committee in a statement before the end of the work.

Subsequently, a report will be made available on the website of the Undersecretariat of Partnerships of the State of São Paulo, on the page dedicated to Project information, addressing the main issues raised by stakeholders in their written contributions and/or oral statements during the Public Hearing.

After the technical presentation, which is expected to last 30 minutes, interested parties who have registered and expressed their intention to make an oral presentation during the public hearing at the time of registration will be called by name to make their presentation, which will not last longer than three minutes.

Oral statements will be made only once by a previously registered interested party, when so determined by the Presidential Board, without the possibility of discussions, sessions or comments during the Public Hearing, respecting the order and organization of the Public Session.