Quina de São João drawing with the highest prize in history takes place this Saturday

Have you ever thought about the possibility of earning R$ 190 million at once? This is the dream of Quina de São João players, who will draw the biggest prize in history. The draw will take place this Saturday, 26, at Espaço Loterias Caixa, in São Paulo, at 8 pm. Remembering that the value does not accumulate and will be divided if you have more than one winner.

History of Quina de São João awards

In all, Lotteries Caixa has already promoted ten special draws with 1,651 winners, 74 millionaires. Last year, the prize of R$152,585,916.25 was divided among five lucky winners, who received R$30,517,183.25 each.

No one guessed the dozens in 2019 and the prize went to the court sash with 1577 winners. Each bet took R$97,451.78 out of the total of R$153,681,457.06. This was the contest with the most winners in the history of Quina de São João.

In 2018, six people got it right and received BRL 20,843,799.43 of the total prize of BRL 125,062,796.58. The third edition with the most winners took place in 2017, which awarded 12 players with R$ 11,622,069.29 each.

In 2016, the special category had eight correctors who divided the amount of R$ 143,106,231.12. Each pocketed 17,888,278.89. While Quina de São João in 2015 distributed R$ 129,661,947.99 among nine players.

The total value of the 2014 special contest was R$ 104,698,822.2, divided between the seven bets. The 2013 edition made history by reaching the highest number of millionaires: 15. Each one took home BRL 6,505,080.69, totaling BRL 97,576,210.35.

Seven players were awarded in 2012 with R$ 12,712,834.52 each. Quina de São João’s first special contest took place in 2011 and included five games. Each lucky winner received R$ 13,466,817.74 of the total of R$ 67,334,088.70.

How to bet on Quina de São João 2021?

To have a chance to win the biggest prize in the history of the special contest, you must go to a lottery or bet on the Caixa Lotteries electronic channels.

The bettor can win by guessing two, three, four or five tens. The probability of pocketing the amount of R$190 million is one in more than 24 million.