National Forum of State Secretaries and Directors of Tourism, debate law 442-91

On Monday, 6th, in Brasilia (DF), the meeting of FORNATUR – National Forum of State Secretaries and Directors of Tourism was held, where the IDT-Cema/O.S. Expotel participated at the invitation of the President and Secretary of Tourism of Goiás, Fabrício Amaral, with the presence of the Minister of Tourism, Daniela Carneiro, the President of Embratur, Marcelo Freixo, Secretary of Tourism of São Paulo, Roberto de Lucena, and trade leaders and government.

Strategic tourism issues were discussed on the agenda, such as regionalization, Fungetur, promotion of destinations and public and private integration. Together with the Federal Deputy, Felipe Carreras, and the President Fabrício Amaral, they discussed with Bruno Omori, president of IDT-Cema and the State Secretaries, MTUR and Embratur, topics on the need to approve Law 442/91 on Games and Casinos in the Senate Federal to strengthen tourism, macroeconomics, work and income, with investments of approximately US$ 70 billion in Brazil.

For Bruno Omori, “This meeting was a great articulation for our Law 442/91 agenda”. And he also stated: “Minister Daniela and the President of Embratur support the portfolio because 12% of the tax collection will enter and there will be a concession for tourism.”

“We went to Brasilia together with all the Secretaries of Tourism from all the States, plus the Minister and the President of Embratur to ask for support for 442/91 to articulate the vote of senators in all 27 States”, said Bruno Omori.