Bill regulates sweepstakes over the internet by religious entity and individual

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Proposal aims to regulate sweepstakes by individuals and religious entities on social networks and digital platforms
Photo: Agência Câmara de Notícias

The Bill of Law (PL) 3762/20 provides opportunities for individuals and religious entities to promote sweepstakes with the delivery of gifts on social media and digital platforms.

Deputy Dr. Jaziel, PL do Ceará, is the creator of the text, and argues that, with the arrival of new virtual resources intended for interaction between people, especially, throughout the pandemic, advertising models have reached new heights.

Nowadays, the free transfer of gifts, based on a draw, the result of advertising, is established by Law 5.768 / 71. According to the deputy, with a new technological and media scenario it is essential to update the rules in force in Brazil.

“We aim to meet the desires of self-employed professionals who seek the free distribution of prizes for advertising purposes, mainly through social networks, but who, because they are individuals and not legal entities, face a legislative vacuum”, said the parliamentarian .

In addition, Jaziel reinforced the need to include religious organizations among the institutions that can carry out these actions, even in the digital scenario, in order to raise funds that are essential for their maintenance and / or to continue the social work they carry out.

Also according to the deputy, in general, the prize offered in these competitions is of low value. “Thus, in order to reduce the bureaucracy in the system and avoid overloading the competent bodies, we understand it well to dispense with the requirement of prior authorization for operations involving premiums of up to R $ 10,000”.

Proposal vetoes raffles with bingo and ‘gambling’

Therefore, the Ministry of Economy tends to release the promotion of tenders in order to guarantee the transparency, security and publicity of the results.

However, the bill prohibits the transfer of cash prizes, the acceptance of underage participants in these activities and the realization of games of chance or bingo.


According to information from the Câmara de Notícias Agency, this proposal will be conclusively evaluated by the Finance and Taxation commissions; and Constitution and Justice and Citizenship.