Legalize the Game in Brazil Becomes Option in the Senate to Cost Citizen Income

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Legalization of the Game in Brazil Becomes Option in the Senate to Cost Citizen Income
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The legalization of the game has returned to the agenda of the Federal Senate in recent days as a possibility to finance the government project Renda Cidadã, which may replace the current Bolsa Família.

There is already a bill, by Senator Ciro Nogueira (PP-PI) waiting to be evaluated in plenary. The text provides an opportunity to explore “games of fortune” both online and in person.

The Piauí politician’s proposal also includes the permission to install casinos in leisure or tourism centers.

Thus, Senator Angelo Coronel (PSD-BA), rapporteur of another similar proposal and authored by Senator Roberto Rocha (PSDB-MA), supports that a portion of the tax revenue from the games be used to cover the costs of the new project of social income.

Legalizing the game can generate millions in taxes and job vacancies

Colonel’s intention is to add, among the modalities that would have legalization to operate, even the animal game.

According to the senator, allowing games that require less infrastructure to operate could quickly result in an income of almost 50 billion reais a year to public coffers.

In response to Rocha’s request, the two proposals will run in parallel, aiming to speed up the vote. The report will stay with Colonel.

“The immediate money to the public coffers would be through bingos, slot machines, animal games. There we can have a more immediate recipe. Casino takes longer because it needs more structure. This would be a way out of the lack of resources in the short and long term ”, declared the senator.

Also according to Colonel, the release of the game could open around 700 thousand direct jobs and another 600 thousand indirect ones. In addition, the government team seeks approximately 20 billion reais in the budget to support the Citizen Income.

The senator’s assessment of game projects should be completed by the beginning of November, when he will forward everything directly to the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes. Previously, the two came to talk about the topic.

“Paulo Guedes said that my idea was bold, but he was nice. The only solution to have money for Income is this. As it is, you are not afraid. With the R $ 50 billion we could have more people and reach R $ 300 per person, as the government wants ”, he stressed.

Proposal may encounter resistance

For the PSDB leader in the Senate, Izalci Lucas (DF), the alternative needs a deep debate before it can even be put to a vote. For Lucas, the legalization of the game can generate expenses in the sectors of security and public health.

“This discussion has been in Congress for about five years, but there are still a lot of people resisting. I am still not convinced that this is the way. We need to know the impact of this on health and safety, ”he said.