President of Olímpia banned by FIFA due to verdict in case of results manipulation

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Fifa Bans Olimpia President for Result in Manipulations Case
Photo: President of Olimpia, Marco Trovato. Photo: YouTube Olimpia Media

Paraguayan Olimpia team president Marco Trovato was punished by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee on Monday, 28. In November last year, he was publicly accused of match-fixing in football.

FIFA’s decision

In addition to finding the officer guilty, the entity stated that he “failed to comply with his duty to collaborate in disciplinary proceedings in violation of the FIFA Disciplinary Code”. Thus, the punishment was a permanent ban on any activity related to football.

In addition, he will have to pay a fine of around 100,000 Swiss francs (R $ 600,000 reais at the current price. According to the official FIFA note, Trovato has ten days to appeal to the FIFA Appeals Committee. If you do not appeal, the resolution will be officially published on the institution’s website in the area of ​​legal compliance.

The case involving Marco Trovato

At the end of 2019, the newspaper La Nación revealed documentation pointing to Marco Trovato’s involvement with the betting house Aposta.La. The situation generated a detailed investigation by the Ethics Committee of the Paraguayan Football Association (APF). The aim was to find out if there was a “conflict of interest”.

In January this year, a formal complaint was made with details, such as offers to players with large amounts of money for result manipulation that could benefit the Dean between mid-2018 and the end of last year. The charge still covered messages and even records of payment from Trovato.

In his defense, the president of Olimpia said he was the victim of a plot. At the beginning of the month, he granted an interview to Rádio Monumental 1080. “With the information we have about the characters who are involved in this topic and who have plotted against us, it seems to me that the flag of Switzerland (country where the Arbitral Tribunal of the Sport) will end up falling on their field ”, he stressed.

Also according to Trovato, “a plot that was set up where people are involved buying false evidence, they presented false evidence and we have photos and videos of the people buying, involved with other clubs. When the time comes, we will be lucky to demonstrate people great work of this Steering Committee. FIFA asks us for confidentiality because there is a very important parallel investigation ”.