Exclusivo Fábio Tibéria comenta papel dos afiliados e avanço da regulamentação no Brasil

Gambling Brasil took place last week, in São Paulo, bringing together relevant figures from the Brazilian industry. Fábio Tibéria, owner of FT Consulting, spoke to the iGaming Brazil portal about the role of affiliates in the national market, the importance of regulating online betting and the future of cryptocurrencies.

Tiberia emphasized the importance of affiliates in Brazil, highlighting them as fundamental to the legitimacy and success of businesses in the sector. “Affiliates, especially now, are the legitimacy and guarantee that the business is good.”

“Lots of people, lots of affiliates, it’s crowded. The event is proof that the Brazilian market is fundamental, it is the first market in the world”, he spoke about the movement at Gambling Brasil.

Regulation in Brazil

Furthermore, he believes that regulation is enough to benefit operators and players. “Finally, legitimacy will be granted by an institution that is the government. This gives more credibility and security to both the operator and the player.”

Furthermore, the owner of FT Consulting cited the importance of physical gaming media. “In Brazil, we always talk about online gaming, which is the biggest market and we have almost 40 million players. But many Brazilians don’t have bank accounts. So, the physical environment will be a more democratic way of accessing games, which are a form of entertainment.”

Asked about his plans for the second semester, Fábio Tibéria revealed that he will be in Las Vegas. “The next event will be in Las Vegas, we travel the world, but the focus is Brazil.”

“Because Brazil makes a world difference and I hope it can allow the participation of large businesspeople, but also small and medium-sized companies. Let everyone participate in a more democratic ecosystem”, he added.


Since 2016, Tiberia has been dedicated to the world of cryptocurrencies. “In 2018, I gave the first talk about cryptocurrencies. In the next few years, bitcoin will reach at least 300 thousand dollars.”

“Bitcoin is not just a form of monetary speculation, it has a whole technology that is already developing and spreading, including the sports betting market”, he concluded.