VaideBet e Corinthians
Imagem: Rodrigo Coca / Ag.Corinthians

The São Paulo Civil Police began a preliminary investigation into the suspected involvement of an “orange” in the transfer of the commission for the intermediation of the master sponsorship contract between Corinthians and VaideBet.

However, the investigation is still in its early stages, but seeks to gather elements to, if necessary, open a full inquiry into the sponsorship agreement. The contribution was R$360 million for the club over the next three years.

Corinthians case may be related to another investigation

The Citizen Protection Police Department (DPPC) and the third police station, specialized in money laundering cases, are in charge of the case. Delegate Tiago Fernando Correia in charge of the investigation.

The DPPC is also investigating a possible indirect connection between this case and another ongoing investigation involving Corinthians. In November last year, authorities were investigating signs of money laundering before the club’s elections.

The club, at the time, was under the management of Duilio Monteiro Alves. But, to date, no irregularities have been found.

The initial investigation is based on reports, including one published by “UOL”. In other words, the news site revealed the possible existence of an “orange” company called Neoway Soluções Integradas em Serviços Ltda.

Thus, this company would have received part of the amount raised by Rede Social Media Design Ltda, which brokered the contract. Alex Cassundé, partner at Rede Social Media Design, was the one who brokered the contract between VaideBet and Corinthians.

So, of the R$25 million agreed as a commission, the Social Media Design Network has already received two installments of R$700,000. Furthermore, Corinthians notified the intermediary company extrajudicially, awaiting explanations about the alleged “arrangement”.

VaideBet Positioning

The bookmaker VaideBet recently commented on the case. She stated that she will evaluate “the next steps”. But the possibility of terminating the contract is being considered.

In a press release, the company stated: “From the first moment, VaideBet was contacted by an intermediary agent about the possibility of signing an agreement for master sponsorship of Corinthians and was led by the aforementioned intervening party to the club’s board of directors for the beginning of negotiations. There was never any contact with any other company regarding negotiations for the sponsorship agreement.”

In any case, the case continues to be investigated and new information may emerge as the police progress in investigating the facts.