Eightroom e Vpag prontas para mais uma participação na ICE London 2024 confira detalhes

ICE London is recognized as the main business meeting in the gaming and entertainment sector and, as happened in 2023, Eightroom and Vpag will be present at the event in an important position, reinforcing Brazilian relevance in a sector that continues to develop on multiple continents.

There will be 14 representatives including CEO, directors and specialists from areas such as payments, marketing and sales. On the eve of the event, which takes place between the 6th and 8th of February, it is worth a general overview of the topics that will be priorities for these companies to operate there.

If in 2023 the focus was on announcements related to the launch of Vpag on the market, this year one of the company’s priorities is to debate and present in greater depth the differentiators of this product, which since its first implementation has followed a journey of constant evolution and adaptation to the regulation that is about to be implemented in Brazil.

And within this context, it is impossible not to talk about security. On both fronts, Flash and Wallet, Eightroom’s team of developers applied a technology structure that places operators and users in a recognized safe position.

On the subject, Lucila Cirio, Head Of Payments at Eightroom Vpag, comments: “Security is our top priority. To ensure the integrity of our product, we have developed robust procedures for partners and bettors who wish to integrate or use our wallet platform.

We collaborate with partners who prioritize integrity as much as we do, adhering to strict rules to prevent money laundering practices and complying with the latest data privacy regulations.”

But what good is a safe environment if the user doesn’t have a satisfactory experience? Within the package of solutions proposed by Vpag, it is possible to say that UX is a priority in all of them.

Whether actively, when you receive benefits superior to those found in other solutions on the market, or passively, when something designed for an operator also benefits you in a practical way.

This way, bettors can enjoy a complete user experience that includes marketing incentives and a unique customer service approach – with active support in Portuguese.

Flash and Wallet together form an extremely efficient solution for any operator who wants to optimize their deposits and have access to a solid customer base, in addition to the financial and marketing products that position Eightroom as a reference in the sector.

Still within these differences, it is worth highlighting how this ecosystem is also focused on player retention, one of the central priorities when seeking solid results in the long term. In such a competitive market, retaining bettors is a fundamental and complex task at the same time.

It is the loyal players who make the wheels turn more fluidly and Vpag understands the importance of this in its entirety. With this in mind, two important factors must be mentioned.

Firstly, the structure of the Wallet format, which allows Vpag to work more closely with bettors, creating a connection, generating solutions that help with daily operations and allowing this user to have a very fast and efficient withdrawal and deposit relationship with the your preferred operator.

At the same time, all the company’s efforts through Club V+, its loyalty program, not only make sense but also add enormous value to the game. Moving away from practices so centered exclusively on bonuses, Eightroom looks at the bettor from a perspective where connection is a priority.

At Club V+ the player earns points and accumulates other benefits and exclusive conditions at betting houses. For VIPS players, high deposit and withdrawal limits defined based on the documentation and receipts sent, support via WhatsApp, special gifts and bonuses at partner operators are released.

Physical products range from t-shirts to motorcycles, and there is also the possibility of multiplying the points earned by 10 and exchanging them for bonuses directly with the operators. All these features and innovations were only possible thanks to the work of a talented and experienced team, which is constantly evolving.

At the end of 2023, Eightroom added the experienced Marcos Coura to the team in the position of Product and Innovation Manager. Marcos is one of the great technical experts in the area of ​​Technology and Online Gambling in Brazil and within the company he is in charge of Eightroom Labs, an innovation project with confirmed investments of around three million dollars.

In addition to the hiring of Marcos, the pioneering achievement of the Google Partners seal in Brazil should also be mentioned. Eightroom was the first Brazilian affiliate to receive authorization to promote Casino and Sports Betting operators, a feat that opened up a series of great opportunities with its partners.

As presented, there is no shortage of topics to be talked about, debated and explored in depth in London during what is a key moment given the importance of the event. Vpag arrives at ICE with more than 100 thousand active users in the Flash format and delivering more than 150 thousand new first Brazilian depositors in 2023 through its Affiliate Marketing unit.

Solidity and performance can also be translated into these statistics. If you’re in the English capital in the next few days and want to connect with Eightroom and Vpag executives there, know that Vpag’s booth will be N10-251 while Eightroom’s will be S9-250. A team of true experts awaits you there.