For Peter Nolte, BiS 2021 will bring 'regulation even more into the limelight'

With less than a week left for the Brazilian iGaming Summit (BIS) – The iGaming Intelligence Made in Brazil – the industry is eager to take advantage of the first and only opportunity of the year to meet, reconnect with partners and meet new faces in a face-to-face environment in Brazil.

With a broad agenda, BiS 2021 will take place on December 1st and 2nd and will bring together giants from the sports betting, lottery and affiliate sectors. The first edition has everything to be a success and will be the biggest event ever promoted in the national territory.

Peter Nolte’s expectations for the first BiS

National and international brands have already confirmed their respective participation and will be at Espaço Boulevard JK, Edifício International Plaza, in São Paulo. The list of highly prestigious names in the market includes Salsa Technology CEO Peter Nolte, who will be moderating the “Game Providers” panel on December 2nd.

“It is essential to promote within Brazil the debate on the importance not only of regulation, but of good regulation that ensures the sustainability of business and at the same time create a dialogue between technology providers about the future of the legal game in Brazil”, said Nolte.

Salsa’s CEO also announced his expectations for an in-person betting event promoted in Brazil: “After so much time working remotely, it is a great moment to be able to review, participate and discuss face-to-face online technology and its applications in regulated markets together with all members of this tech industry”.

For him, the conference will help to assess the mechanisms that are here to stay and will continue to be useful, even with the normalization of activities. “A lot has been said in the last two years about the growth of all the ‘.com’ businesses as one of the reflexes of the pandemic, and finally the time is coming for us to start discussing what is here to stay and how hybrid the scenario will be after it the pandemic becomes history”.

Importance of BiS 2021 for regulation of the Brazilian market

The Brazilian iGaming Summit will allow the exchange of experience between the government and market representatives, who are eagerly awaiting the regulation of sports betting.

Peter Nolte commented: “I see (the process) quite confused and delayed. We should already have sports betting regulations. The law was enacted at the end of 2018 and there was optimism that the regulation would not take the entire period of 2 years, but unfortunately, despite all the efforts of technicians from the Ministry of Economy involved in the process, this game went to overtime and we are already counting the +2 years foreseen by law”.

He added: “It’s hard for us to hammer out when this will happen. In theory, 2022 has to be the year in which Brazil will have the regulation of sports betting, and the whole market is hoping that Secap can score that goal as soon as possible, and preferably not in the last minutes of overtime.”

In addition, the CEO of Salsa Technology stressed that BiS will help highlight how important it is to have current and fair regulation for all involved: “This event should put regulation even more in evidence than the online meetings held. since mid-2020”.

And he continued: “I think it is essential that all agents in this process, in addition to sharing the challenges that have been presented, can actually dialogue with the market, in a very clear way, and that regulation is created that enables the real gain -wins for players, regulators, suppliers and of course, for the country’s economy”.

Salsa Technology Plans for 2022

Nolte also advanced the plans that the company wants to put into practice next year. “We are already the market leader in content delivery and online technology in general. Our platform is completely modular, with back office, sports platform, payment methods, AI, and much more. The plan is to continue consolidating our expertise in localization with a focus on Latin America and sharing that expertise with companies that want to understand the nuances of the region and do business here.”

In relation to Brazil, the executive stated that Salsa intends to become the public’s favorite supplier. “We want good regulation and we want to be the preferred technology supplier for Brazilians. We want to be, for the operators that contribute to the future regulated Brazilian market, the same ideal partner that we already are for many other customers operating in countless markets around the world”, he concluded.

More information about the schedule, accommodations, and registration for BiS can be accessed on the event’s official website: