Natalia Nogues predicts that BiS will help ‘industry demonstrate how important regulation is’

All of Brazil’s potential for the sports betting, lottery and iGaming markets will be debated over two days at the first Brazilian iGaming Summit (BiS) – The iGaming Intelligence Made in Brazil – the only face-to-face event aimed at these segments to take place in the national territory , since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

BiS 2021 will allow national and international players to meet again on December 1st and 2nd at Espaço Boulevard JK, Edifício International Plaza, in São Paulo. This first convention will also provide opportunities for direct contact between government representatives and brands interested in investing in the country.

With the possible regulation and release of countless modalities and a favorable scenario for the entry of groups with worldwide repercussion in the country, BiS aims to offer updated information and relevant debates for all participants.

Natália Nogues will participate in a panel on successful operators in Brazil

The program designed for the conference involves prestigious names on panels and lectures. An example of this is the presence of Ctrl + F5’s Investor Partner, Natália Nogues, who will be on the panel ‘Differentials of successful operators in Brazil’ scheduled for the afternoon of the first day of BiS.

“We are at a crucial time for the Gaming industry in Brazil. With regulations being debated and negotiated at full speed and companies entering and investing in the Brazilian betting market, these face-to-face events are very important to: publicize the potential of the Brazilian market, operators and service providers to get to know each other, gaming specialists in Brazil, they will have the opportunity to transmit their knowledge and contacts to encourage and encourage even more bets here in Brazil, showing interested parties the potential return of results that we can provide”, he said.

Natália also pointed out the differences between participating in an online event and a face-to-face meeting. She acknowledged that BiS will help to kill the ‘miss that everyone was’ for this ‘eye to eye’ interaction.

“During the pandemic we had to adapt and keep meeting virtually in webinars on gaming issues, but we know how important it is to be close to people in this field, as eye to eye, handshakes, a cup of coffee and the exchange of stories and experiences makes all the difference when making great business partnerships. BiS will certainly meet a need and a longing that were all present in these events”.

Perspectives for the regulation of the Brazilian market

The Brazilian iGaming Summit panelist shared her view on the regulatory process of the national betting market. She believes the issue is advancing year by year since legalization in 2018, still under President Michel Temer.

“I believe we are advancing year by year since legalization. Sports betting is becoming a trend among operators and among the Brazilian population, which is already much better at accepting this new practice. For the country, the investments made by large companies further demonstrate the potential of this market and how much regulation is urgently needed to help the country”, he stressed.

Due to the presidential elections in the second half of next year, Natália projects that the regulation will be for 2023. “However, even with all this acceleration, the regulation will still follow short and slow steps to be implemented, since with the election season approaching, the next year will be set aside this matter a little so that all attention can be focused on who will govern in the coming years and the famous fight between right and left in this country. We need to leave this turbulent period that will come to pass and then focus all our efforts on leveraging this regulation for the year 2023”.

And, according to Natália, an event of the importance of BiS contributes significantly to show how much regulation is necessary and favorable to Brazil: “This event will be one more big help that the industry needs to demonstrate how much regulation is important and beneficial for the country”.

She concluded: “Just seeing this booming market; with many companies that have great investment interests in marketing, business openings, job creation, contracting of local services in general and also the interest to be within the law, paying all the required taxes; the government may be motivated to speed up the regulation project, timing in this case is everything, you can’t let the excitement of investments in this market pass”.

Information about BiS

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