BETER has expanded its eFootball offering by signing an exclusive distribution agreement with the Esports Content Factory (ECF).

As a result of the partnership, BETER will reinforce its coverage of the eFootball market with “up to 15,000 events per month”, adding a vast diversity to the content it provides.

“We are confident that eFootball will continue to play a key role in the gaming industry and as such, BETER continues to meet the demand for fast-paced events that are gaining momentum among sportsbooks,” commented Gal Ehrlich, BETER CEO.

Available through existing feeds to BETER’s partner network, each eight-minute event will comply with the provider’s “strict integrity policies and technical requirements”, which will be supported by its expert team.

A partnership focused on portfolio expansion

Ehrlich continued, “We are constantly refining and improving our delivery of the most advanced selection of high-speed betting products that the current generation of players demand.”

“Our huge increase in the number of events coupled with our exclusive distribution agreement promises a more complete and diverse eFootball experience, which will increase our commitment value as the most comprehensive provider in the industry.”

“We are now able to provide a packed game calendar that is available 24/7 serving all operators and their players. Our leading content allows sportsbooks to populate their platforms and engage their customers with content. high-quality, fast eFootball game designed to meet your specific needs,” concluded Ehrlich.


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