How to engage players on betting sites

For professionals working in the gaming area, especially in marketing, retaining players on betting sites is a daunting task. Brazil has been experiencing a moment of intense expansion of this type of companies, a fact that brings more and more competition and obstacles.

Although our company, Control+F5, is very experienced with customers in the industry, we see in our daily life that, in fact, each company is unique and their needs vary greatly.

We know that there is no ready-made recipe for increasing customer engagement on betting sites. However, some basic paths can be explored:

Understand how players are engaging with different communication channels

The player has arrived at your site. Excellent! But you need to know what paths took you there. Did he click on an email, push notification, land on the site via Instagram, Google or blog article? Gauging the data regarding these issues will certainly direct the focus of your future actions.

Knowing the paths that led players to the site, it is much easier to plan the next marketing and communication actions, considerably increasing your success rate.

Test different strategies

At any stage of a customer journey, it is possible to create so-called A/B tests, supported by control groups.

For example, you can test the effectiveness of different types of messages versus the acceptance rate of control group participants who did not receive them.

Testing to learn is an essential marketing tool, which is very valid for a niche as specific as gaming and betting.

Add elements of surprise and satisfaction to campaigns

While incentives like “Free Spins” are obvious ways to encourage players to start their journey on the site, they can also help create a positive experience along the way, functioning as a sort of unexpected boost to the player’s journey.

For example, if the end goal of your journey is for customers to play at least 30 spins, you can choose to release 5 free spins after the first 15, keeping them engaged with the game.

Maximize promotional participation

Often, players go straight to their favorite games without checking out the latest promotions available on the site. So why not create messages that pop up during games so they know there are other opportunities available?

The constant disclosure of opportunities and promotions through various communication channels can certainly increase traffic and retention on betting sites.

Reward with bonuses anytime

You do not need to restrict bonus awards to a set amount or reward point. They can be granted not only at the time of registration, but also at other stages of the customer’s journey. For example, you can choose to reward players with a surprise bonus, based on the amount of any deposit that is part of the journey.

Bonuses don’t have to be instant either. In the above case, a deposit above a certain amount could be the trigger event to offer the player free spins. However, how you release the benefits should be completely in your strategy’s control.

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