Casinos can be an alternative to boost tourism, says Danilo Cabral, pre-candidate for governor of Pernambuco

The installation of casinos can be an alternative to be analyzed to boost tourism in Pernambuco, says Danilo Cabral, the pre-candidate for governor by the PSB, who comments on a possible approval of legalization of gambling in the Senate.

Despite the absence during the vote on Bill (PL) No. 442/91, approved by the Chamber of Deputies, the PSB had guided the federal bench to vote in favor of legalizing casinos and gambling.

The deputies maintained the opinion of federal deputy Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE), who grants temporary or permanent licenses to explore this type of activity.

According to information from the Câmara de Notícias Agency, in the case of casinos, the text states that they can be installed in resorts as part of an integrated leisure and entertainment complex, which must contain at least 100 hotel rooms, places for meetings and events, restaurants, bars and shopping centers.

The casino must occupy no more than 20% of the total area of ​​the complex, where, at least, 80% of all space must correspond to the structure of the resort.

Regarding the location, the bill indicates that states with more than 25 million inhabitants, which currently corresponds only to São Paulo, may have up to three casino-model structures incorporated into the resort.

Two complexes can be installed in states that have a population between 15 and 25 million. In the other states, that is, below 15 million, only one structure should be implemented.

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Casinos generate income, jobs and opportunities in the places that regulate the sector

In an interview with Band News, this Tuesday (26), Danilo Cabral stated: “As it was approved by the Chamber, the installation of casinos should be seen as an alternative to be analyzed, yes. Brazil is one of the few countries that did not regulate and did not tax this activity, that is, we are failing to collect and even need to have an increase in revenues to finance public policies”.

“And when we talk about the issue of games, we are talking about the distribution of resources for tourism, for sports, for health, for culture, public security, for education. says something around 17% of this regulation, which can finance these activities. So it is an opportunity that can be analyzed within an alternative to strengthen tourism in our state”, commented the pre-candidate for governor.

The approved text also created taxation on the exploitation of all types of games. It will be made in the form of the Contribution for Intervention in the Economic Domain levied on the marketing of games and betting

The proposal to legalize gambling is in the Senate, waiting to be discussed by parliamentarians. Last week, the creation of a Parliamentary Front for a Brazil without Gambling Games was approved, to try to make it difficult to approve games on national soil.