Pesquisa aponta que 7 em cada 10 brasileiro não confiam em influenciadores sobre casas de apostas

With the sports betting sector still unregulated and recent controversies, Brazilians do not fully trust influencers for recommendations about bookmakers.

According to a study carried out by Opinion Box for Aposta Legal Brasil, 67% of respondents who do not follow influencers related to the betting market do not trust recommendations from bookmakers.

Among those interviewed who follow influencers who talk about sports betting and online gaming, only 21% said they trust the recommendations, with 34% remaining neutral.

On the other hand, the report also mentions that half of those interviewed who bet chose the bookmaker because of digital influencers.

Insights from Brazilian consumers about betting houses

The study included 516 participants from across the country, only taking into account people who follow an influencer on social media.

Therefore, the data collected shows a perception of insecurity among Brazilian consumers in relation to recommendations made by digital influencers in relation to the betting market.

Among those who do not follow niche profiles, 57% said they did not feel “at all safe” in using these services on the recommendation of influencers. Among those who consume this type of content, 25% said they trust betting tips.

Distrust is even greater in the case of influencers who are sponsored by bookmakers. Therefore, 81% of those interviewed consider that there is manipulation on the part of influencers in this case.

According to the survey, 43% of respondents agree that digital influencers who are linked to these betting platforms or online casinos lose their credibility.

Research shows that 7 out of 10 Brazilians do not trust bookmakers influencers

Use of bookmakers

Furthermore, the survey shows that half of those interviewed have never used an online bookmaker.

Among those who used it, 49% stated that they started using the website or application under the influence of a digital influencer.

So, the most mentioned bookmakers were Bet365, Betano and Blaze.

  • Never used: 54%
  • Bet365: 24%
  • Betano: 21%
  • Blaze: 15%
  • 1Bet: 9%
  • Sportingbet: 8%
  • EstrelaBet: 7%
  • Betfair: 7%
  • Betway: 4%


Amid cases of match-fixing in football and the popularization of online games, the involvement of an influencer in some kind of controversy is a reason for unfollowing for 77% of respondents.

According to the survey, 65% of Brazilians are following the news about fraud schemes.

Among them, 74% believe that this news affects the reputation of digital influencers.

For 71% of Brazilians consulted in the survey, digital influencers must inform followers of the importance of playing responsibly at bookmakers.

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