CPI das Apostas Esportivas
Imagem: Agência Senado / Roque de Sá

The Parliamentary Sports Betting Inquiry Commission (CPI) was officially installed last Wednesday (10). In other words, the objective will be to investigate allegations of match-fixing and corruption involving players, managers and sports betting companies.

Senator Romário (PL-RJ) was chosen as rapporteur, while the presidency and vice-presidency were handled by senators Kajuru (PSB-GO) and Eduardo Girão (Novo-CE), respectively.

1st statement from the Sports Betting CPI will come from Botafogo

During the installation meeting, CPI members made it clear that they intend to “clear everything, opening the black boxes” of complaints involving the world of sports betting in Brazil. Romário, who originated the CPI with his request, highlighted that transparency, justice and honesty will guide his report.

The senator stated that the CPI’s main objective is to investigate the problems faced by Brazilian football:

  • Results manipulation
  • Possible irregularities in the country’s betting shops

More than identifying irregularities in sports betting, Romário highlighted the importance of identifying those responsible for these manipulations.

Kajuru, in turn, announced that the CPI will begin its work next week. In this way, the senator confirmed that John Textor, owner of Sociedade Anônima do Futebol (SAF) of Botafogo.

Textor claimed to have recordings that prove the existence of corruption in the refereeing of the Brazilian Football Championship.

CPI members

Furthermore, it was established that the CPI will meet every Wednesday, at 2pm, and, exceptionally, on Mondays, at 3pm, when there are longer statements.

Eduardo Girão highlighted that the CPI will have the mission of recovering the credibility of Brazilian football, which has been affected by allegations of corruption and manipulation of results.

So, if the CPI proves the manipulation of games, it may adopt punitive measures, such as banning those responsible from football. Therefore, Kajuru emphasized that there will be no “nonsense” such as temporary suspensions. Instead, he will permanently banish those found guilty.

Thus, the CPI will be composed of 11 full senators and 7 substitutes, lasting 180 days. Until now. The sitting senators are:

  • Veneziano Vital do Rêgo (MDB-PB)
  • Marcio Bittar (União-AC)
  • Otto Alencar (PSD-BA)
  • Angelo Coronel (PSD-BA)
  • Jorge Kajuru (PSB-GO)
  • Chico Rodrigues (PSB-RR)
  • Romário (PL-RJ) 
  • Eduardo Girão (Novo-CE)

Alternate Senators:

  • Giordano (MDB-SP)
  • Efraim Filho (União-PB)
  • Sérgio Petecão (PSD-AC) 
  • Carlos Portinho (PL-RJ)

Therefore, the expectation is that the Sports Betting CPI will bring to light important information for the Brazilian sports scene. Last year, a similar commission was installed in the Chamber of Deputies, but ended without reading the final report.