Bets regulamentadas: O que esperar da publicidade a partir de agora
Fabricio Murakami, CMO e cofundador da Pay4Fun

The Bets phenomenon in Brazil is an indisputable truth. Brazil already represents one of the largest global markets in the sector, generating billions of dollars.

When it comes to advertising, the country is not far behind. Just watch a football match to see the presence of signs, logos printed on club shirts and advertising signs for betting houses.

The regulation of the sports betting sector and other online gaming verticals, approved by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on December 30, 2023, should further boost the segment.

Law 14,790, which establishes clear rules for betting house advertising, was a long-standing demand from the sector, which was previously only legalized, without guidelines on how to operate, since 2018.

Conar, the body responsible for the self-regulation of advertising in Brazil, published Annex X, which determines the rules for advertising messages in this segment.

The new rules prohibit advertising aimed at children and adolescents, the promotion of compulsive betting and make the veracity of information mandatory. They also require that messages be clear and transparent, informing the risks involved in betting.

The objective is to ensure that marketing and advertising actions are responsible and ethical, contributing to a safe environment for bettors and operators.

Changes in regulation are expected to impact the sector in several ways. Firstly, they must ensure greater caution with betting advertising, as companies will have to be more careful with the target audience for their campaigns.

The use of the “18+” symbol or the prohibition warning for children under 18 should become more common, preventing children and adolescents from being exposed to gambling stimulation.

Secondly, the new rules should increase the quality of advertising in the sector. Companies will have to invest more in relevant and informative content, highlighting the risks involved in betting and encouraging responsible gambling.

Awareness messages about the importance of betting in moderation and seeking help if any gambling-related pathology develops will be mandatory in this scenario.

Messages and ideas that promise easy profit or guaranteed winnings such as “get rich”, “earn extra income” or “pay your bills by playing” will also be prohibited, always pointing to the importance of betting in moderation and seeking help if necessary. any type of gambling disorder is developed, avoiding messages that encourage compulsive gambling.

What is the future of Bets sports marketing?

There is no doubt that the future of sports marketing in the Bet market in Brazil is promising. The sector is profitable and has great growth potential.

With the regulations approved, companies in the sector will now have to adapt to the new rules, which will result in significant changes in advertising campaigns, to guarantee the safety of bettors.

The regulation will also bring sanctions for companies that do not use their marketing and advertising actions responsibly. This will help ensure that campaigns are carried out ethically and responsibly, avoiding harassment and manipulation of consumers.

The campaign message must be transparent and cautious. Companies should not promote gambling as a way to earn money or extra income. The campaigns will emphasize the importance of responsible gaming, showing that sports betting should be seen as a form of entertainment.

As a result, the tendency is for bookmakers to continue investing in sports marketing, advertising and sponsorship, seeking creative, different and more responsible ways of communicating with consumers.

About Fabricio Murakami

Author of this article, Fabricio Murakami is CMO and co-founder of Pay4Fun, a payment institution that offers financial solutions for the entertainment and sports betting sector. The executive has strong experience in Product Management, with a history in the online betting gaming segment.

Specialist in Business Planning, Advertising, Management, Information Technology and Strategic Planning, in January 2018 he joined P4F’s Marketing strategies, with the aim of consolidating the brand in the market and increasingly expanding the company’s services to the around the world.

About Pay4Fun

Founded in 2018, Pay4Fun is the first payment institution, operating in the sports betting sector, to receive authorization from the Central Bank of Brazil. Operating with more than 500 integrated websites in the entertainment segment, the company reached the mark of R$2.6 billion in financial transactions in 2022.

The company was considered the Best Payment Method for Latin America in the awards promoted by SAGSE 2022 and chosen as the Best Payment Method at the Brazilian iGaming Awards.

In 2023, the company won the RA 1,000 seal, from Reclame Aqui, 3rd place as the best financial service company to work for in GPTW and 2nd place in the SBC Awards, in Barcelona, ​​as payment innovation of the year.