PH Ganso, SportyBet ambassador, is one of Fluminense’s main figures.

Ganso, owner of the number 10 shirt, he recently won the Copa Libertadores, in the final against Boca Jrs.

On this occasion, PH Ganso gave an exclusive interview to SportyBet, revealing his desire to become a coach after retirement.

Therefore, he praised his coach and coach of the Brazilian team, Fernando Diniz. Even while strong rumors were emerging about Carlo Ancelotti as his possible replacement in charge of Amarelinha for 2024.

He becomes an ambassador for SportyBet in Brazil, one of the bookmakers that has invested the most in the market. Ganso highlighted Diniz’s importance in winning the Libertadores title.

In an extensive interview, he analyzed his career, the current situation of his team and the national team.

From SportyBet ambassador to coach

Furthermore, at 34 years old, the midfielder does not plan to retire immediately, expressing a desire to continue playing as long as his body allows.

Therefore, he revealed his dream of becoming a coach after ending his career.

According to him: “I have the idea of ​​becoming a coach when I stop playing. A little further ahead, I still have to study a lot”, he said.

“Watch a lot of games to improve as a player and end up being a coach, too.”

An important figure in Brazilian football, Ganso began his career in 2008 at Santos, winning the Copa Libertadores alongside Neymar, before moving to São Paulo in 2012.

After all, the number 10 played for Sevilla in 2016 and on loan to Amiens, in France, before returning to Brazil, being received by Fluminense in 2019.

When asked about other championships, Ganso revealed his interest in the Premier League (England).

After all, he concludes: “I really like the Premier League, it’s a very competitive competition, with great players and teams, and I like watching the games to learn too.”