Exclusivo Ian Cook, da StoneTurn, fala dos programas de prevenção de lavagem de dinheiro nas bets

With the new fixed odds betting law come programs to prevent money laundering in betting.

Therefore, the Ministry of Finance published Ordinance No. 1,330 at the end of last October, which defines the general rules for the sports betting market in Brazil.

One of the items that deserved to be highlighted was the obligation of bets to implement programs to prevent and combat money laundering.

In turn, the consultant and Executive Director of StoneTurn, Ian Cook, spoke on this occasion precisely about this with iGaming Brazil.

In the interview, he gives examples of how consultants could be used for money laundering.

Furthermore, it comments on how to avoid manipulation of results on sports betting platforms.

Following the new legislation, what will bookmakers need to do to comply with this obligation?

This was also a topic of conversation in the interview. Ian Cook comments on how fraud can be curbed from the moment the law regulating betting comes into force.

StoneTurn is a global consultancy company in the area of ​​risk management and compliance.

In addition, it has global operations and international clients in the gaming and betting segment.