Caxias do Sul Basquete promove a Copa KTO
Foto: Divulgação/La Liga Argentina

Caxias do Sul Basquete, thinking about its preparation for the Novo Basquete Brasil, promotes the KTO Cup, between the 6th, 7th and 8th of October, at Clube Comercial in Passo Fundo.

The competition will feature four teams from the national scene: Caxias do Sul Basquete, Cruzeiro, Vasco and União Corinthians.

For Rodrigo Barbosa, coach of Caxias do Sul Basquete, the 2023/2024 pre-season was the most important so far “this pre-season has been very important for us, given that in other years we were unable to have a number a lot of games like that.”

“Now the possibility of playing in this KTO Cup, where we have our partner supporting us in this event, in a city that also has basketball, which is Passo Fundo, bringing important teams, so all of this enhances, in addition to of course enhancing our sport, basketball”, he added.

Even with these 3 championships at the start of the season, Caxias Basquete’s focus is the NBB.

“Our focus is the NBB, but all this preparation helps us a lot to ensure that we can reach the best possible preparation for the competition, which we imagine will be the most difficult in recent years, due to the quality of the teams. and the number of games too”.

“So all this preparation is very important and our team can also evolve a lot during this period so that later, with another training phase, we can compete in the NBB at a high level”, concluded Barbosa.

KTO Cup and sports promotion actions

In addition to the competition, the four teams will participate in actions in schools and public places in Passo Fundo to publicize the games and promote the sport of orange ball.

This will be the third pre-season competition for Caxias do Sul Basquete, which was champion of the South-Brazilian tournament against the Pato Basquete team and came in second place in the Interligas tournament against the Ciclista Olímpico team.

The Caxias team debuts in the NBB on October 24th, against União Corinthians, at Ginásio do Sesi in Caxias do Sul, the match will be at 8 pm.

The games will take place at Clube Comercial in Passo Fundo.

06/10 – Friday

5:30 pm: Vasco x União Corinthians

8pm: Caxias Basquete x Cruzeiro

07/10 – Saturday

3:30 pm: Cruzeiro x Vasco

6pm: União Corinthians x Caxias Basquete

10/08 – Sunday

3:30 pm: União Corinthians x Cruzeiro

6pm: Caxias Basquete x Vasco