CBF quer impedir jogadores envolvidos em manipulação de resultados de atuar no exterior (1)
CBF quer impedir jogadores envolvidos em manipulação de resultados de atuar no exterior.

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) issued a statement this Friday informing its intention to ask FIFA that players involved in match-fixing in Brazilian football also be prevented from playing abroad.

In addition, the CBF took the initiative to map and notify local confederations so that punished players cannot participate in competitions in other countries.

Eduardo Bauermann, a former Santos defender, received a 360-day penalty, which prevents him from playing in Brazilian football, and subsequently signed a contract with Alanyaspor, in Turkey.

However, so far, he has not entered the field or been registered by the club in any competition.

CBF wants to prevent players involved in match fixing from playing abroad.
Raul Baretta / Santos FC

In total, 13 players were denounced in the “Maximum Penalty” operation of the Federal Police, initiated from investigations by the Public Ministry of Goiás on manipulation of results in Brazilian football and sports betting since 2022.

The players and their respective punishments are as follows:

  • Romário (ex-Vila Nova): eliminated and a fine of BRL 80,000
  • Gabriel Domingos (ex-Vila Nova): suspended for 720 days and a fine of BRL 80,000
  • Moraes (ex-Vila Nova): suspended for 720 days and a fine of BRL 55,000
  • Gabriel Tota (ex-Juventude): eliminated and fined BRL 30,000
  • Paulo Miranda (ex-Juventude): suspended for 720 days and a fine of R$ 70,000
  • Eduardo Bauermann (former Santos, currently at Alanyaspor in Turkey): suspended for 360 days and fined BRL 35,000
  • Matheus Gomes (ex-Sergipe): eliminated and fined R$ 10,000
  • Fernando Neto (ex-Ceará): suspended for 380 days and a fine of R$ 15 thousand
  • Kevin Lomónaco (Bragantino): suspended for 380 days and fined BRL 25,000
  • Ygor Catatau (former Sampaio Corrêa): eliminated and fined BRL 70,000
  • Mateusinho (ex-Cuiabá): suspended for 600 days and a fine of R$ 50,000
  • Paulo Sérgio (former Sampaio Corrêa): suspended for 600 days and fined BRL 50,000
  • André Queixo (former Sampaio Corrêa, currently with Nam Dinh, Vietnam): suspended for 600 days and fined R$50,000

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The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), as soon as the STJD decided on the first punishments of athletes involved in sports betting schemes in Brazil, sent a request to FIFA for these punishments to be extended beyond the national territory and to include the 211 member federations of the football’s highest body.

Players who were punished by the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) were thus prevented from also playing in clubs abroad. The group of athletes convicted in July received definitive punishment, that is, without the right to appeal in the national sporting sphere.

With the decision, the 15 players who suffered the final conviction were blocked in the CBF Registration and Transfer System.

The CBF Registration and Transfer Board, following FIFA regulations, notified the foreign federations directly and through the FIFA TMS platform, about the final decision of the STJD, as well as procedures were opened with the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, through the Legal Portal of the entity, for the international extension of the effects of the said decision. In the case of one of the athletes, the foreign federation refused the international transfer as soon as it received notification from the CBF. All these federations acknowledged the receipt of the decision.

As for the recent judgment by the STJD, which took place last Wednesday (09/08), there was a decision in the lower court, which resulted in punishments ranging from 360 to 720 days of suspension to players convicted.

The CBF, as soon as it had news of the complaint offered by the Public Ministry of Goiás, forwarded to the STJD a request for the precautionary suspension of the athletes involved. The STJD, in turn, accepted the suspension request. The CBF communicates to FIFA all the decisions of the STJD, in any instance.

“It is important to point out that, as soon as I became aware, by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Goiás, of the allegations of match-fixing, I forwarded to the Presidency of the Republic and the Minister of Justice, Flávio Dino, a letter requesting that the Federal Police start to investigate the cases of manipulation of bets and I had the request promptly answered. A step that was fundamental for us to reach the current situation. There is no possibility that our management, in any instance, condones any type of crime. All cases are being forwarded to FIFA and those involved will respond wherever they are.