CBF tries to rescind agreement with Galera.bet, but Justice denies it
Photo: Lucas Figueiredo / CBF

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) tried to rescind the agreement with Galera.bet, which sponsors the Brazilian Championship, however, the Justice warned that the organization has no power for this action.

This is the most recent episode of an imbroglio between the parties due to the issue of exclusivity in the betting sector. According to O Tempo, the Court determined again that the CBF must respect the contract. The entity ended up adding other bookmakers to the competition’s marketing properties.

When the issue went to court, the CBF sent an extrajudicial notification to Galera.bet, claiming that the agreement was finalized. In this week’s decision, judge João Marcos de Castello Branco Fantinazo pointed out that the agreement has a determined time (until the end of the 2024 season of the Brasileirão), “must fulfill the contract until the end of its term”.

If it managed to terminate, the CBF could keep the other betting companies Betano, 1XBet and Betnacional. In the records, the CBF pointed out that it sought the termination of the contract because Galera.bet would not have complied with its part of communicating the entity in advance in case of litigation. This partnership yields US$ 1.1 million (about R$ 5.5 million) annually.

The judge increased the fine for CBF, in case of non-compliance with the measure, from R$200,000 to R$500,00

CBF challenged Galera.bet exclusivity

An injunction was already in force that established that the CBF would continue with Galera.bet in the porticoes and backdrops. The CBF sought to overturn the decision, however, without success. CBF, in turn, included the other brands in other places.

The most recent judicial decision, still by the first degree judge, also questioned this measure. According to the judge, the exclusivity “must be interpreted as also covering the exposure of the Betano and Betnacional logos on the structure of the inflatable tunnel that gives players access to the field, as well as the lecterns on which the match ball rests and even on the plaque advertising”.

The magistrate also added that “the alleged distinction between sponsor and commercial partners does not make sense, for the purposes of making an exception, since the object of the contract is exclusive advertising. very essence of the contract”.

Also according to O Tempo, the CBF questioned the interpretation in court of the clause that would ensure Galera.bet exclusive visibility in the competition.