Genius Sports and ESPN Announce Partnership to Improve Basketball Video Experience

Genius Sports will make its optical tracking technology and video enhancement capabilities available to ESPN for the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Championship, also known as March Madness.

Through its Spectrum division, Genius will provide ESPN with live and extended video feeds, as well as the vendor’s “Insight” tool.

The American sports network will be able to select from a set of data-driven visualizations, including “point odds in seconds and distances for 3-point special effects”, among other options.

Mark Locke, CEO of Genius Sports, said, “We are proud to be working with ESPN, through the best work that Spectrum does, to give millions of fans an immersive March Madness experience that will set a new course for not only March Madness, but for all the sport that is played by women all over the world”.

This happens as college basketball season approaches, and broadcasters are looking to increase their coverage. Genius Sports technology and augmentation solutions will be utilized during the Women’s Final Four and National Championship games.

An alternate viewing option will allow fans to experience Spectrum enhancements in addition to traditional ESPN broadcasts.

“Expanding our relationship with Spectrum to support the Women’s Tournament and its fans is another exciting news for us,” said Kevin Lopes, ESPN Vice President, Sports Business Development and Innovation.

“The expanded feeds for Final Four and National Championship games will provide fans with an exciting viewing option that leans towards innovative stats and visuals.”

About Genius Sports

Genius Sports is a data and technology company that powers the global market by connecting sports, betting and media. The company’s mission is to support a sustainable sports data system that benefits all parties – from the rights holder to the fan.

In addition, the group partners with more than 400 sports organizations around the world, capturing the highest quality data for many of the largest leagues and federations such as NFL, EPL, FIBA, NCAA, NASCAR, AFA and PGA.