Aposta Ganha website now has 'world's fastest withdrawal' with PIX

The sports betting site, Aposta Ganha continues to invest in innovation to serve its users in an agile and safe manner. From now on, the company will have the ‘Fast Cash Out in the World’ via PIX, the instant and free electronic payment method created by the Central Bank (BC).

This payment method was officially launched on October 5th of last year, and full operation took place on November 16th of the same year. Thus, the online entertainment platform is also offering this possibility to registered players.

With the deposit system via PIX already available on the Aposta Ganha website for some time, the team also joined the withdrawal via PIX. Therefore, bettors receive their money within seconds, improving the experience of placing their bets on the platform.

“Can you imagine hitting that bet and being able to have your money right away to enjoy it as you wish? Aposta Ganha provides you with that moment”, says the official statement from the sports bookmaker.

Aposta Ganha website now has 'world's fastest withdrawal' via PIX

About Aposta Ganha

Aposta Ganha strives so that the user can have the excitement until the final whistle and the bet wins. According to the official website, the company does not present itself as another company in which the interested party can place a bet, but a place where he feels the vibration throughout the game.

“With each game, a new experience, a new bond and a new way to earn more. That’s Aposta Ganha, a club that everyone is welcome to, whether you’re a betting expert or just starting out. Here, those who make their luck are our advantages to earn more”, stated in the platform description.

Speaking of winning more, you can bet on several sports with hundreds of game options per day. In addition, the house offers the best quotes on the market so that the player can celebrate each achievement.