Report points out that the US has the potential to become the world's largest sports betting market
Foto: released a survey showing how industry players in the United States can increase the potential of legal sports betting in the country. The information contained in the report was passed on in the SBC Americas portal.

The document was prepared based on consultation with operators, suppliers and regulatory bodies in order to establish the main challenges that the industry faced since its early days. The conclusion pointed out was that responsible technology, education and gaming will be decisive for the USA to become the largest sports betting market in the world.

PointsBet director Patrick Eichner, heard during the preparation of the BettingUSA report, commented: “Education is a major obstacle in every state you start. And this really happens because sports betting is not a national opportunity; it is something very from state to state. It’s a totally new process and more and more you need to make adjustments to attract the consumer ”.

Daniel Graetzer, from Carousel Group, also contributed to the production of the survey. “As the competition is moving at a fast pace, we are doubling the products this year, with a significant investment in the growth of our UX and development teams as we grow from a single state operator to a national one.”

Champion Sports’ Simon Noble stressed: “American sports are perfect for live betting and this, combined with the amount of data available, means that players will quickly start waiting for these markets and odds, as long as the legislation in each state allows them to be offered remotely ”.

Sports betting market is growing in the country, but could become a world reference

Douglas Harback, of the Pennsylvania Game Control Board, represented the regulatory bodies. Harback stressed: “The sports betting market is significant and is in high demand. It would be foolish to think that we shouldn’t take sports betting seriously as we do casino games. Like casinos, sports betting must be strictly regulated to ensure that there is integrity in the system ”.

Also according to a report by SBC Americas, the BettingUSA report also delves into the role that communication groups will have in the sports betting market and how affiliates are helping to raise bettors’ awareness of legalized online betting.

Mike Murphy, founder of, noted: “We created this report to assess where the legal sports betting industry is three years after PASPA was first revoked. Although tremendous progress has been made so far, it is clear that the sector has its initial problems, especially when it comes to technology, regulation, safe games and education ”.

Murphy concluded: “For the experts, it seems that these challenges can be overcome and, if we are able, the country will undoubtedly become the largest legal betting market in the world. This report provides a detailed view of those at the forefront of the industry and their thoughts will certainly shape the direction we will take in the next three years ”.

The complete survey can be found on the official BettingUSA website.