YGAM signs partnership with Burnley FC for educational program on game addiction

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YGAM signs partnership with Burnley FC for educational gaming program
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The Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM) has partnered with Burnley Football Club, England, to educate young people about the risks involved in gambling and betting.

The Premier League club will help the charity to offer a national educational program that aims to raise awareness and protect young people from potential harm by giving them lessons and appropriate guidance.

The classes will be taught by the Burnley FC team at schools in the Lancashire region, with team members undergoing training with YGAM, and will aim to use the knowledge acquired to inform the younger stratum of the population.

YGAM’s national education manager, Sam Starsmore, said: “Training the staff at Burnley was an absolute pleasure and their passion for the local community showed us how committed they are to dealing with the complex issues of gambling and related harm in children” .

Starsmore added, “I am looking forward to training the rest of the club team and working together in the coming months to ensure that we can inform, educate and protect young people in Lancashire and throughout the region.”

The football club’s representative, Callam Barnes, added: “We will continue to use this partnership to improve our team and offer workshops for children and young people with whom we work on our community projects.”

In September, YGAM announced a similar partnership with another Premier League club, Leeds United, also with the aim of educating young people in the local region about gambling-related risks.

Burnley 2020 – 2021 season

If off the field, Burnley Football Club scored a great goal with a program to support their community, the situation is a little more complicated within the four lines.

The team is the Premier League second to last with just 2 points won in 7 games with 2 draws and 5 losses so far. The next appointment is against Crystal Palace on Saturday 21.