Betting House, Estadium.Bet Could be New Sponsor of Fluminense Master

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Photo: Twitter Oficial Fluminense

Fluminense may be referring a settlement with the bookmaker, Estadium.Bet. The company would arrive to occupy the most prestigious space in the uniform of the Rio de Janeiro club as a master sponsor.

The bookmaker would also take advantage of the exposure in one of the most traditional teams in the country to launch a new product: Estbank, a digital bank with foreign exchange.

With Law 13756/18, resulting from Provisional Measure 846/2018, companies in the betting sector are entering the national market. Currently, only three teams from Serie A do Brasileirão do not have partnerships with bookmakers: Internacional, Fluminense and Palmeiras.

Therefore, Flu is on track to become the 18th team of the national soccer elite to have a hit with betting sites. Despite this advance, the legislation is still regulated and the activity has some limitations in the country.

However, the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro (without a party), and Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), President of the Chamber, have already spoken out in favor of tax collection from this sector.

Deals between Estadium.Bet and Fluminense

Estadium.Bet is already a well-known name in the Brazilian sports scene. After all, the bookmaker has contracts with Ceará in the first division and with Avaí, Botafogo-PB, CRB, Criciúma, Náutico, Paraná, Paysandu, Portuguesa, Remo, Santa Cruz and Vila Nova, in addition to the exclusive sponsorship of third-party betting national division.

The conversation with Fluminense started approximately 60 days ago.

Segundo apurou o portal da UOL, as quantias ainda não foram divulgadas, só que a última oferta da empresa foi pagar cerca de 800 mil reais por mês ao longo de 14 meses. No total, o contrato poderia render R$ 11,2 milhões ao clube até o final de 2021.

However, the intention of the board of Fluminense is to seek an increase in this amount, reaching the mark of R $ 1 million per month, in addition to a chance of renewal until 2022 based on goals and new figures. The club’s last master sponsorship agreement ended in August 2018.