Betting Site Closes Sponsorship with Paysandu

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Paysandu recently announced a sponsorship contract. This is a deal with, a sports betting platform. The company will have its brand placed on the upper back of the game uniform.

The betting house will also be published in publications on Paysandu’s social networks, on training boards around the Curuzu lawn, on the stadium screen during official matches, on the digital and mobile backdrop and on the acrylic portal positioned on the interview bench from the press room.

For the president of Paysandu, Ricardo Gluck Paul, the one-year agreement shows the seriousness of the work done by the team.

“Signing new sponsorships, in the middle of a pandemic that has brought losses to practically all sectors of Brazil economically speaking, without a doubt, is something that has to be valued”.

He added: “In this moment when we still cannot count on the presence of our fans in the games, our partners have an even more important role than they already had before all this world crisis caused by Covid-19 and we are very grateful that is why”.

The Vice-President of Management, Maurício Ettinger, became a reference in the process of exposing and enhancing the brand of his supporters.

“It is our duty to correspond to everything that has been agreed with our partners. We have interviews every day, photos of training, games, our social networks are frequently supplied ”, he stressed.


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