“Jockey Club Must Be a Tourist Atraction Again,” said Raul Lima Neto

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“Jockey Club Must Be a Tourist Atraction Again,” said Raul Lima Neto
Candidato Raul Lima Neto. Photo: Divulgação

The Jockey Club Brasileiro will have the first hybrid electoral process since its founding in 1932. The club will have a new president on October 15th in a face-to-face or digital vote for its 4250 members.

The name of the opposition, businessman Raul Lima Neto, 50, will compete with the current president, Luiz Alfredo Taunay. The current representative has been in the role for 12 years. In an interview with Veja Rio and published on the MSN portal, the opponent detailed his plans in case of victory.

“I’m going to professionalize the management of the turf, which has been causing losses for many years. They are spending more than they can afford on labor and service. You can reduce at least 30% of the costs with good management there. And I also want to value our brand with strategic marketing planning ”, he declared.

According to Raul, the Jockey Club brand lost part of its added value. “The title today has an insignificant value, of five thousand reais, which can be paid in ten installments. The jewel, which cost more than 100,000, now costs 60,000. We have to bring Jockey to the level it was years ago. The club needs to have the glamor of before ”.

Return of the prestige of the Brazilian Jockey Club

In addition, the presidential candidate also cited the need to regain the club’s prestige. “We will achieve it through a strategic marketing plan and investment in entertainment. Currently, the marketing work is zero, due to incompetence ”.

He added: “A well-developed job will bring an unbelievable revenue growth perspective. I can’t even imagine where we can go. The potential is absurd ”.

Turf as a local tourist attraction

The businessman also stressed the need to hold more events at the club in order to properly exploit the local potential.

“I want to promote more cultural events, concerts, concerts, and make the turf make money. Jockey has to be a tourist spot in the city again. Horse racing is a program for the family, for members, for people visiting Rio ”.

In the interview, Raul Lima Neto also stated that the Jockey Club Brasileiro could earn even more with the visitation of foreign tourists.

“A lot of people come from countries with a tradition in turf, like Argentina, the United States and England, and want to know Jockey, but they don’t know where it is, there is no marketing in this sense. Then he can find out, he gets there at the headquarters and he doesn’t have a person to give information. That makes it difficult, ”he concluded.