As in a poker tournament full of opportunities for fans and supporters, GG Poker wants to provide even more entertainment at this World Cup. The company distributed more than US$ 300,000 (R$ 1.5 million) in “Bet & Go” – only in the first phase of the World Cup. The game brings an experience that seeks to differentiate itself from the traditional sports betting on the market.

Those who get their guesses right can win prizes that exceed the guaranteed R$ 100,000 (US$ 20,000); in addition, the new title follows a line inspired by poker – which eliminates players who choose the losing team from the table. It is possible to register on the companies’ website to participate.

How does the new GG Poker game work?

Felipe Mojave, who is an athlete and partner at GG Poker, produces digital content about the World Cup for the brand

The game works in the following way: the dynamic takes into account the probabilities/odds of winning the matches, because of this the value of the ‘entrance’ is limited to US$ 10 (about R$ 55, at the current exchange rate) – but there are some discounts that can reach almost 100%, depending on the team the player chooses. Betting only allows guessing who will be the winner.

João Carmo, CMO of GGPoker in Brazil, commented: “GG’s great idea was to put football in the middle of a poker game, linking players to the table, but not only for poker skill, but also for betting. Nobody in the market makes this type of game and we are already noticing a great engagement around the world, especially from Brazilians. Therefore, we are also planning promotions for each round that there is a game in Brazil”.

The ‘Bet & Go’ allows, for example, to bet on the underdog with just a few cents, win and even play with who was eliminated. For example: in the game between Argentina and Saudi Arabia, held last Tuesday (22), predictions indicated victory for the South Americans.

But those who bet on the Saudi team ended up doing well by investing just US$ 0.55 (about R$ 3), guaranteeing a 94.5% discount on the entry fee. The total prize pool for the match was US$ 16,000 (over R$ 88,000).

Felipe Mojave, athlete and partner of GG Poker Brasil, said: “This is a modality that is here to stay. It is a sensational initiative with a popular ‘buy-in’ so that everyone can play. The ‘Bet & Go’ unites two passions of Brazilians: football and poker, bringing this great emotion of winning or not, of paying cheaper and competing. We liked the concept”.