How expressive is online poker in Brazil in 2021?

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How expressive is online poker in Brazil in 2021?

It is impossible to dissociate from our daily lives that the tragic Coronavirus epidemic has resignified and changed the lives of many people from last year until now.

In addition to the popularization of the home office, another economic sector grew dramatically in the face of this scenario: online games. Among the immense range of game possibilities, poker stood out as the one that had the greatest growth.

Faced with the closing of casinos, bookmakers and poker tables around the world, the sector and the practitioners of the sport also had to reinvent themselves and find solutions to continue the practice.

According to Nick Jones, director of the Poker Industry Pro website, which tracks the poker industry, online poker has seen a significant increase in traffic, reaching close to 40,000 simultaneous players, the highest number in five years.

The total number of digital tables has grown by 150% since January 2020. It is estimated that 10 million people started to risk their luck online during the pandemic, joining a community of 150 million practitioners.

Poker has stood out among the online games in Brazil for involving many interesting attractions: logical reasoning, concentration, the possibility of winning some money in the comfort of your home and the prominence of notable Brazilian players who helped raise the bar in the game at the beginning of the decade, as Caio Pessagno from Sao Paulo and João Simão from Minas Gerais.

Where to play

Without any doubt, it is possible to play poker online from any electronic device, be it computer, laptop and tablet.

Another device that is in the hands of Brazilians, smartphones, is also possible to play poker. Thanks to the advancement of technology and the modernization of smartphones, they are currently great allies for the game of poker, both on iOS and Android.

To play poker you can choose to install applications or play through online platforms.

Choosing the best casino sites to play poker is not a difficult task, as there are many options for high quality platforms on the Web. However, this sport requires training and skill, especially before starting the real bets.

For those who want to start playing or for those who are experts in the game of chance, we highlight GGPoker. GGPoker is a very innovative platform. It allows you to play both on your computer and on your smartphone.

However, both the Play Store and the AppStore have blocked all casinos and poker apps for legal reasons, as they involve cash bets. So that to install the application you must download it directly from the GGPoker page.

The platform was created in 2014 and initially focused on Asian players. However, each year more players from other nationalities started playing at the GGPoker tables and the Brazilians were not left behind.

Compared to other platforms, playing at GGPoker is a differentiator, as it has different and interesting features that other competitors do not offer.

For example, at GGPoker you can protect your hand with all-in insurance and also evaluate your results using an analysis tool contained on the platform.

Stay tuned, as GGPoker also limits the age of players. They must be over 18 and prove this information by sending a photo of their identity document or similar.

The Brazilian Confederation of Texas Hold’em reports that there are about 7 million regular players in Brazil. Placing Brazil in the ranking of eighth country with the largest number of poker players in the world on a list led by the United States.

Driven by this expressive growth, the increase in traffic on the online pages had a direct effect on the awards. With more participants paying registration fees to be able to play tournaments, the rewards automatically grew. Higher values ​​started to motivate more players, which feeds back into the process.

Poker streaming on the rise

Another factor that has helped online poker to grow in Brazil, is due to the spread of streaming platforms. On Twitch there are hundreds of poker player channels that broadcast their matches live and interact with the audience, some with up to 100,000 subscribers. Thus generating more traffic, content and audience for this type of card.