Pariplay transforms game integration with Fusion
Pariplay transforms game integration with Fusion

In an industry where all companies strive to be “innovative”, the need to use more and more integrations has become a dangerous norm. Confusing integrations are now a thorn in the side of game providers and operators. Luckily for them, Adrian Bailey, managing director of Pariplay, shared the number one solution to combating poor integration – the Fusion aggregation platform.

Traditionally, carriers have had a difficult task when it comes to connecting all of their back-end systems. Whether it’s high-quality software vendors, content management systems, or promotional tools, integrating each platform manually leads to a number of challenges.

These range from the obvious – the waste of valuable time – through operational costs that can go through the roof to inefficiencies of different platforms. That’s why solving one of the biggest burdens for an operator, that of synchronizing game content, data and player engagement tools easily and efficiently, has become paramount for aggregators.

One of the world’s leading aggregators

With a passion for solving the “Integration Challenge”, Pariplay offers 24/7 technical support and streamlines contracts so that operators no longer need to negotiate with each vendor separately, allowing immediate access to new titles as soon as they become available. they are released.

Founded in 2010, and a subsidiary company of the NeoGames group since 2022, Pariplay has been a leading content aggregator and provider for over a decade with a simple mission: to connect operators with vendor portfolios in the easiest way possible.

At the forefront of Pariplay‘s product range is the Fusion aggregation platform – a unified approach to content delivery that focuses on achieving greater efficiency and ROI for operators.

“Fusion has two main elements,” explains managing director Adrian Bailey. “One of the key elements is the regulation layer, which improves the operator’s experience of being able to work with Pariplay. We have GRT (game regulation technology), and we build all of this in all markets.

“Secondly, we have our engagement tools: our sweepstakes tool, Spin That Wheel tool and tournament tool. These stand out for being transparent and regulator-friendly. We allow operators to completely control the targeting and pass it on to us, giving them less operational headache and allowing them to generate more revenue,” added Bailey.

A differentiated solution from Pariplay

The company’s value to the operator is clear: it delivers tailor-made solutions developed and deployed at high speeds, providing a range of conversion, retention and bonus tools. And that’s not all, the Fusion aggregation platform also offers players the chance to earn rewards.

“Our product makes the opportunities visible and equal, so you can have a VIP player who plays and deposits a lot, against a lesser player, both have the same opportunity to win. Players can see where they are, see the rules and evaluate their position , which is cool and perfect”.

“Even more impressive is the volume of content. We release between 300 and 450 games on Fusion each month. The value we bring is being able to scale up to 40 games a week that are high quality, engage players and keep them engaged,” Finished Bailey.