Flutter reports £2.4 billion in total revenue for Q1 2023
Flutter reports £2.4 billion in total revenue for Q1 2023

The first quarter of 2023 showed an overall strong first quarter for Flutter, with growth in virtually all areas and locations.

In the first quarter of 2023, Flutter grew 54% year-on-year in total revenue to £2.4 billion ($3 billion), with constant currency revenue growth of 46%. Of that total revenue, sports revenue increased by 61% and gaming revenue increased by 44%.

This quarter also reflects that the average amount of monthly players jumped 30%, from 9.5 million euros to 12.3 million euros.

The United States is leading the way with its high revenue stats rising by 92%, including sports betting revenue growth of +147%. There is also positive momentum in the UK and Ireland (+17%) and good international growth (+6%), while performance in Australia (-4%) saw revenue decline.

The UK and Ireland saw increases across all areas, with revenue up 17% and average monthly players up 11%, showing small but steady growth in UK customers during the first quarter of 2023.

Flutter’s executive director comments on the company’s performance in this first quarter

Chief Executive Peter Jackson commented on Flutter‘s performance so far this year: “The group delivered a very strong performance in the first quarter, with pro forma revenue growth of 29% achieved through continued execution of the group’s strategic priorities.”

“In the UK, the publication of the White Paper vindicated the proactive actions we have taken to further embed safer gambling across our organization through our Play Well strategy,” he added.

“The changes will bring consistency to safer gambling protections for customers and make responsible gaming a priority across all operators, which we strongly support,” concluded Jackson.