Cartola Express includes Paulistão 2023 and offers BRL 70,000 in prizes in the opening round

The soccer calendar in Brazil traditionally starts with the dispute of the state championships and now Cartola Express has Paulistão 2023 in its coverage. The fantasy game promises more than BRL 70,000 in prizes in the opening round, in full-line and single-game disputes.

According to GE, the game cannot be accessed through the Cartola app. The only way to participate is directly through the website. Check out the news for the Paulista Championship:

Full round matches

The market for full lineup disputes closes this Saturday, the 14th.

Rd 1: Main BRL 30,000

For BRL 7.47 per lineup, the participant competes for the top prize of BRL 5,000. It is possible to climb up to 150 teams in this dispute. 1,558 teams will be awarded.

Double or Nothing BRL 25

12 competitors each field a single team. The top five take double the amount invested: R$ 25.

free dispute

Who still doesn’t have full knowledge of Cartola Express, the free dispute allows you to assemble a lineup completely for free. If he ends up among the top 1250, the cardmaker receives a bonus of R$ 5 for the next rounds!

Single Game Disputes: Bragantino x Corinthians

The market for Bragantino x Corinthians single game disputes closes this Sunday, 15.

Bragantino vs Corinthians: Main BRL 13,000

Being able to climb up to 67 teams in this dispute, for R$ 7.47 each, the champion will take R$ 2.5 thousand.

Bragantino vs Corinthians: Review Dispute

467 cardholders compete for the R$450 prize with a single lineup made for R$4.98.

Matches valid for Cartola Express in the first round of Paulista:

Saturday, January 14th

  • 3:30 pm – Portuguese vs Botafogo
  • 4:00 pm – Santo André vs Guarani
  • 6:30 pm – Palmeiras vs São Bento
  • 08:30 pm – Santos vs Mirassol

Sunday, January 15th

  • 11h00 – Água Santa x Ferroviária
  • 4:00 pm- Bragantino vs Corinthians
  • 6:30 pm – Sao Paulo vs Ituano