As noted by NSoft, the ‘Integrity Exchange’ – Sportradar’s program – is a network that allows bookmakers to report suspicious betting activities. It was announced earlier this year. Program members and partners can obtain information on match handling, including reports on global fraud trends and details of all matches reported as suspicious by other operators.

“NSoft is positioned as a key platform provider enabling account-level visibility of nearly 100 bookmakers and brands,” read a vendor statement. “Our company is a significant improvement to the ‘Sportradar Integrity Exchange’ program and the ongoing fight against manipulation related to sports betting.”

The company added that it welcomes all activities aimed at preserving fairness and transparency around sports betting.

“As an active participant in the sports scene, we are proud to be part of Sportradar’s Integrity Exchange program,” said Robert Matijević, MD at NSoft. “It empowers us to take a more urgent role in the global fight against match-fixing and to help the sport.”

“This is important for all stakeholders – sports associations, betting providers, operators, bettors and fans. The betting experience should celebrate the performances of sports and sports teams and should be free of any possible outside interventions to alter the outcome ’ added Robert.

Last week, Sportradar reported a 31% growth in revenue for the third quarter of 2022, which totaled $185 million. The report also showed that the company’s adjusted EBITDA grew by more than 75%.

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