Genius Sports becomes official provider of statistics for Basketball Africa League

Sports technology company Genius Sports has partnered with the Basketball Africa League (BAL), which will enable the company to provide official statistics in real time. The deal could be the first step in introducing a host of new sports data and gaming resources for media companies and bookmakers.

UK-based Genius works with media groups to improve transmission and provides sports betting companies with data to define bet lines.

The partnership with the Basketball Africa League does not extend to sports betting, but Genius Sports wants to use the deal to launch a new technology based on artificial intelligence, including augmented reality features. The values ​​of the deal have not been revealed.

“Through this partnership, Genius Sports will provide BAL with its FIBA ​​LiveStats data collection tool, which will be used to capture advanced court statistics in all BAL matches, including pitches, fouls and passes to highlight the best players league and provide updates to fans, ”said the company.

Last month, Genius Sports struck a $ 1.5 billion deal with a special purpose acquisition company to go public. The company is now on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol GENI.

Relevance of the agreement with Genius Sports

Genius Sports is an important player in sports. This agreement will allow the company to innovate with BAL and create engagement on the second and third screens for viewers. In addition, the organization cooperates with leading sports betting companies such as Penn National, DraftKings and Fan Duel, and networks such as Disney’s ESPN and ViacomCBS.

It is worth remembering that Genius paid US $ 200 million to acquire Second Spectrum, which is supported by Steve Ballmer. Second Spectrum already works with the NBA and uses artificial intelligence and player tracking using high-definition cameras to collect data. The company is also responsible for the technology used to broadcast ESPN’s ‘NBA Marvel’.

Ballmer, the owner of Los Angeles Clippers and a former Microsoft CEO, will remain a shareholder after the acquisition. In 2018, Ballmer helped create “Clippers CourtVison”, a second-screen experience that gives subscribers the ability to watch and consume games in a variety of ways using real-time statistics and AR (augmented reality) features.

With Genius securing exclusive data rights for the National Football League (NFL) in April, the company will be able to launch Second Spectrum in professional football, capturing a wide range of new data and camera angles with the technology.

In addition, media groups such as ESPN are offering more second-screen opportunities with streaming, betting placement and gamification experiences.

NBA and FIBA ​​supported the creation of the Basketball Africa League

With the latest data and technology, Genius Sports is preparing to expand its earnings. The company built the NBA’s next-generation statistics system and plans to launch new BAL experience features.

The league began its inaugural season last weekend, delayed by a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The NBA partnered with the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) to create the Basketball Africa League in 2019.

The league consists of two conferences and 12 teams. The top six clubs will compete in a single-game elimination tournament after the first round to determine the champion.

“BAL will showcase and develop the most exciting talents in all of African basketball, and we are very proud that our statistics technology will be at the center of this new competition,” said Genius Sports CEO Mark Locke.