Sony is filing e-sports betting platform patent

Very active in the electronic sports segment since the beginning of the year, Sony has now decided to patent a betting platform, already projecting the growth of this market.

According to information from Vida Extra and published on the website Meu PlayStation, the patent has the involvement of Michael Chow, machine learning engineer in the research area of ​​PlayStation. The registration of the documentation took place last Thursday, 13, and would have been elaborated still in 2019.

The description points to a system of probabilities that provides numerous options to the player. The odds for various propositions regarding computer simulated games will be defined and presented to the player for the purpose of pecuniary or non-pecuniary bets.

The patent states that “it can be pecuniary, for example money or bitcoin, or non-pecuniary, for example game items, digital rights and virtual currencies.” This information indicates that players can be authorized to place NFT bets on games.

According to this description, the entries are related to the real money placed by the player himself in a way that has not yet been elaborated. The ODDS (possibilities calculated by the betting companies) will be defined according to the data of previous games.

However, those bets that do not include monetary amounts happen with items used in the games. This feature is adopted in other electronic sports modalities, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (PC), for example.

Sony patent is not restricted to PlayStation

However, the patent is not limited to PlayStation only, covering other consoles “made by Microsoft, or Nintendo or any other manufacturer of virtual reality headsets, augmented reality, televisions, laptops, tablets and smartphones”.

Therefore, this patent may have long-term consequences, especially considering that Sony acquired the Evolution Championship Series (EVO), the main virtual fighting championship on the planet. Sony and RTS announced the purchase of the tournament in March this year. According to the terms of the agreement, the value of the transaction was not announced publicly.

ESports Betting

Sony’s action serves to prove that the public that accompanies eSports is placing betting on championships and competitive events as a central part of their involvement. Therefore, bookmakers are increasingly attentive and investing to meet the demand of this sector on the rise.